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DENVER – A platform that aims to activate the cannabis industry for social change, Cannabis Doing Good (CDG) showcases businesses and individuals each year that provide significant contributions to the cannabis industry. The 2021 Cannabis Doing Good Awards recognize industry organizations that excelled in three categories: Change Maker, Good Neighbor and Love Your Planet. CDG is honored to showcase the stories behind the brands: all of which demonstrate positive impact and engagement to our communities and our planet; driven not only by company leadership but fulfilled by dedicated employees, volunteers and meaningful community partnerships.

Terrapin Care Station, a consumer-focused cultivator, processor and provider of high-quality medical and retail cannabis products, has been named the Top Change Maker in the 2021 Cannabis Doing Good Awards. Terrapin stood out to the judges for its innovative and robust approach to address racism within its own business practices while simultaneously developing resources that help remove barriers for minorities to enter and thrive in the cannabis industry.


“As issues of racial disparities and social justice continue to dominate the national conversation, the cannabis industry has been actively confronting its own history of racial and gender inequities,” said Courtney Mathis, CEO and co-founder of CDG. “This ongoing conversation has uncovered a troubling–if predictable- barrier to progress: Most people do not know how to address these sensitive issues. Terrapin’s work on this issue paves the way for others to recognize an industry built on ant-black racism and work towards actionable reform. Perfection isn’t required, but courage, tenacity and commitment are. And it is precisely why Terrapin was chosen as our top Change Maker.”

The 2021 Cannabis Doing Good Award Winners include:

Change Maker Award: Recognizing companies who support reparative efforts, seek justice and challenge systems that uphold inequity.

Terrapin Care Station: In addition to conducting its own internal company-wide anti-racism training, Terrapin established an anti-racism employee committee to ensure an ongoing conversation on the issue. The company is also working to remove barriers for underrepresented black and brown communities by providing training resources and seed money to community social equity nonprofit organization The Color of Cannabis. Terrapin supported social equity policy efforts in Colorado starting in 2012 through today. The company has contributed time, talent and resources to re-entry programs, restorative justice efforts and other community needs in Colorado, Missouri, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

“It is an honor to receive this award, but for us, this is simply part of our mission statement. We call it planting local roots. Change requires purpose, courage and humility. As we continue to break barriers in fostering a more diverse and equitable industry, we must practice these tenets together to bring about meaningful change.” –Chris Woods, owner and CEO of Terrapin

Runner up: NACB (National Association of Cannabis Businesses) for its efforts to shape the legal cannabis market into a safe, responsible and ethical industry by partnering with subject matter experts and their network of innovative, professional and trustworthy cannabis businesses and affiliates.

Good Neighbor Award: Recognizing companies implementing community engagement programs, encouraging volunteer hours and meeting community needs in new and thoughtful ways.

Winner: Curaleaf: Through their Rooted in Good initiatives, Curaleaf works with organizations from underrepresented communities in the cannabis ecosystem. With help from their partners, Minorities for Medical Marijuana and Women Grow, Curaleaf is creating the industry’s most robust supplier diversity and mentoring program. They are committed to contributing at least $1 million in community investment to programs that address collateral consequences associated with marijuana-related offenses.

“Doing the right thing for each other, our customers and our communities is a core value at Curaleaf. It is integrated into all of our work and our 3,800 team members around the country. Today more than ever, all of us in cannabis must re-dedicate ourselves to righting wrongs, forging more meaningful partnerships, giving back and doing our part in creating whole communities. This award celebrates Curaleaf’s contribution to this ideal and inspires us to work even harder on our shared vision.” –Khadijah Tribble, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Curaleaf

Runner-up: Terrapin Care Station for deploying community engagement strategies in emerging cannabis markets championing issues such as social equity, food access and LGBTQIA initiatives.

Love Your Planet Award: Recognizing companies truly innovating in their green business practices and going the extra mile to champion sustainability.

Winner: Dama Distributing: Through their revolutionary development of sustainable and home compostable compliant packaging, Dama Distributing strives to make the world a better place for by working with recycled materials, glass, bamboo, and hemp plastics to create a more sustainable cannabis industry.

“Winning a business award from such a credible, eco-conscious and community-driven organization goes a long way for a business like Dama Distributing as we are striving to build a reputation as a trustworthy brand that improves conscious awareness on a local and global level. We truly wish to thank Cannabis Doing Good for this honor.” –Cole Gibbs, Founder and CEO of Dama Distributing

Runner-up: Sana Packaging for its focus on changing the way the cannabis industry thinks about sustainability, disposable products and waste recovery. Sana Packaging actively cleans up the environment and consistently innovates to design a more sustainable product. To date, Sana has removed more than 45 tons of plastic waste from the ocean.

The Cannabis Doing Good judges were compiled from the esteemed CDG Advisory Board. Leaders in their respective fields, full of industry insight and community compassion, CDG was humbled to have their contribution in selecting this year’s winners. The judges included Christine De La Rosa, The People’s Dispensary; Lisa Buffo, Cannabis Marketing Association; Derek Smith, Resource Innovation Institute; Lilli Keinaenen, Changemaker Creative; Annie Davis, Growing Impact; and Ben Owens, CannaVenture. Leading its own racial justice initiatives, CDG was humbled to have its own nonprofit, Cannabis Impact Fund, receive the Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year Award from Minorities for Medical Marijuana.

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