Cypress Hill Frontman B-Real and Dr. Greenthumb’s Partner with The Flower Shop

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Cypress Hill frontman B-Real, aka Luis Mario Freez. (Photo: Josh Sep Photography / mg Magazine)

PHOENIX — Iconic Cypress Hill frontman B-Real has expanded his Dr. Greenthumb’s Brand into Arizona through an exclusive partnership with The Flower Shop. The strain offerings, hand-selected by B-Real himself and grown at The Flower Shop’s cultivation facility, are exclusive to Dr. Greenthumb’s Brand and available at The Flower Shop dispensaries in Phoenix, Ahwatukee and Mesa prior to release statewide.

This partnership highlights the exceptional nature of The Flower Shop’s commitment to the cannabis cultivation process—along with the pedigree of one of hip-hop’s most discerning OGs in the weed game.


“Celebrity brands aren’t known for their authenticity, but with B-Real, he is as hands-on as they come,” said Cody Phillips, The Flower Shop’s Chief Cultivation Officer. “To have B-Real and his team test every strain and then curate strains for the three bags with Dr. Greenthumb’s thumbprint of approval raises the bar from a grower’s perspective and also brings that California steez and decades of the cannabis culture B-Real helped cultivate to Arizona.”

Dr. Greenthumb’s Arizona drops will maintain the same signature “three bags” categories the brand established in California: Loyalty, Legacy and Unapologetic, each with a specific price point and level of quality that appeals to differing consumer preferences. Loyalty—which includes the strains Peanut, Apple Turnover, Lemon Royale and Tahoe OG—bears an accessible price point; Legacy—which includes Orange Monsoon, Jack Herer and Donny Burger—pays homage to the strains that maintain their authenticity over the decades; and Unapologetic—including Motor Breath, Gello and Soap—caters to customers seeking cannabis without budget constraints.

The strains are grown at The Flower Shop’s 100,000-square-foot cultivation facility, The Flower Mine, which has played a major role in reviving the former Arizona mining town of San Manuel. Dr. Greenthumb’s is steadfast in its commitment to quality control and assurance. Kenji Fujishima, the brand’s Head of Cultivation, has spent ample time collaborating with The Flower Shop team at its cultivation facility and will continue to be actively involved in The Flower Mine’s production of Dr. Greenthumb’s strains.

The Dr. Greenthumb’s Brand flower line retails between $25 and $45 for 3.54g depending on the flower category. The flower is now available at all three of The Flower Shop’s dispensaries in Arizona, with additional collaborations and strain drops scheduled for early 2024.

“We are looking forward to a lasting relationship with The Flower Shop,” said B-Real. “Their entire group understands who we are and what we bring to the table and they’re equally committed to quality. I’ve been very impressed with their head of cultivation and the flower they produce, along with their mission of destigmatization and normalization of cannabis. And if I want to smoke it, we know we are onto something good!”

About TFS Brands

TFS Brands (“The Flower Shop”) represents the new face of American cannabis. The women-led company’s success stems from its consumer-first model rooted in transparency, well-being and exacting standards for quality. The Flower Shop runs multiple dispensaries in Arizona and Utah, and is revitalizing the former copper-mining town of San Manuel, Arizona, with one of the state’s largest cultivation facilities, a 100,000 square-feet of canopy overseen by 100 grow team members in an innovative mine reclamation project. The Flower Shop’s expanding house of brands and intellectual property includes Ladylike, High Variety, Shorties and Cannabis Beverage Company, offering differentiated products that consumers can rely on for their consistency and efficacy. Learn more at

About Dr. Greenthumb’s Brand

Dr. Greenthumb’s is a fully licensed dispensary and cannabis brand. World Famous Cypress Hill rapper B-Real launched Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary in August 2018 in Sylmar, California. Evolving from what once was forbidden, being established as a brand in 1998, Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries and cannabis flower line are here to provide fans a glimpse into the world and culture of one of the biggest cannabis enthusiasts of all time. Today, Dr. Greenthumb’s is available in five states; California, Washington, Florida, Michigan, and Arizona with plans to expand to other states in the near future. For more information, please visit