DEA Awards Licenses for Cannabis Production and Medical Research

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DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. – Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals (REP) is proud to announce that it has received four federal licenses to grow, research, develop, and manufacture alternative drugs derived from cannabis (marijuana) and other botanicals in December 2021.

REP is the first-of-its-kind cannabis pharmaceutical company in the United States to receive these highly coveted licenses. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued three licenses for bulk manufacturing, analytical lab and import in December.


An earlier license was issued for distribution. Now, REP has all four federal (DEA) licenses needed to move forward with their next phase of development. This latest move by the DEA is a clear message that the federal government is loosening its grip on marijuana specifically grown for research purposes. It has been a long and hard battle for entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to win approval from the DEA, but now it has finally happened.

“We are excited and very happy to receive these DEA licenses for cannabis research,” said Mark Crozier, Founder and CEO of Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals. “This news is huge and comes with immense responsibilities – we have been chosen to provide researchers and universities with high quality cannabis so they can move forward with their research projects. These researchers have struggled for decades to be recognized by the medical and scientific communities. Now, they can,” Crozier said.

REP’s main campus is a 100,000 square foot facility located on Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs. REP expects to hire 250 employees to staff the grow and research facility in early 2022, and up to 1,000 employees after phase two is completed.

Plant growth metrics and data will be monitored and collected by REP partner, RapidGrow LED Technologies, Inc., the nation’s leading vertically integrated manufacturing and LED lighting technology company. RapidGrow’s open architecture and fully wireless technology platform, PANGEA, will gather data and generate real-time reporting of key growth variables, such as temperature, humidity, PAR, CO2, soil moisture content, HVAC, PH vapor pressure deficit and more, to ensure quality, consistency and repeatability for REP and the DEA.

“RapidGrow is proud to partner with REP on such a historic and significant mission to support medical research projects with the most advanced indoor grow lighting technology,” says Bryan Fried, President and CEO of RapidGrow.

“We’re confident PANGEA and RapidGrow LED fully customizable light installations will provide REP researchers and the DEA with data and automation grow features to truly transform how we treat our veterans, law enforcement and first responders.” REP’s mission is to be the leader in the cannabis pharmaceutical industry by creating alternative drugs designed specifically for veterans, law enforcement, and first responders who suffer from chronic pain, opioid addiction, PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea, and other life-threatening ailments.

“Our veterans and first responders have paid a tremendous price sacrificing for our betterment. I am dedicated to providing them with the best-in-class medicines that are non-addictive,” Crozier added. “’Safe, effective, and non-addictive medicines,’ is the motto that drives our research. Our research into new and safer Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Botanical Raw Materials (BRMs) will form the basis of our medicines.

Our company seeks the most current, innovative, and industry-accepted research to ensure our position as the leader in this fast-paced and ever-changing market,” he said. REP will supply state-of-the-art drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients derived from THC and CBD to DEA registrants, researchers, universities, colleges, and government agencies, including the Veterans Administration (VA), and to the international medical market.

“We adhere to the highest standards and quality measures in our labs to ensure that our products exceed consumer expectations. We guarantee superior quality medicines by complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our scientists and team of experts are experienced in drug research and development, ensuring our products are consistent, pure and safe for consumers,” he added.

If you would like to interview Mr. Crozier or another spokesperson, please contact Jackie Devereaux, Director of Communications at 619-855-7905 or [email protected].

If you would like to speak with Bryan Fried or another RapidGrow spokesperson, please contact Tyler Bryant at 813-951-4169 or [email protected]

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RapidGrow is North America’s only vertically integrated manufacturer of horticulture lighting with a proprietary, open-architecture, 256-bit encrypted and fully wireless technology platform that supports data gathering and analytics, sensor and device integration and the individual control of each light source for the indoor farming and cannabis industries.

About Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals

Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals is committed to replace current medications by developing alternative pharmaceuticals that will be safe and effective without producing harmful side effects or addiction. We value our consumers’ health and well-being. You can have full trust and confidence in our products, knowing that our medications are safe to consume.

We adhere to the highest standards and quality measures in our labs to ensure our products exceed our consumers’ expectations. We guarantee superior quality pharmaceuticals by complying with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our team of experts are experienced in drug research and development, ensuring our products are consistent, pure and safe for consumers.