Ghost Town Cannabis adopts California Lightworks MegaDrive Greenhouse Lighting System


WELLS, Nev. —Ghost Town Cannabis, a state-of-the-art greenhouse cannabis cultivator in Eastern Nevada, has deployed the California Lightworks MegaDrive®️ LED system to increase yield in their challenging desert environment. You can watch the case study video here.

Located in the desert a couple hours from Salt Lake City, Ghost Town Cannabis is just outside of Wells Nevada, which lives up to the company’s name as a ghost town. However, there is nothing outdated about this new cannabis cultivation greenhouse. Based on a modern greenhouse design by Nexus, an advanced environmental control system from Wadsworth and the latest MegaDrive greenhouse lighting system from California Lightworks, this is truly a state-of-the-art automated greenhouse.


“We are excited to see Ghost Town Cannabis adopt our advanced MegaDrive LEDs as their lighting system,” said California Lightworks CEO George Mekhtarian. “Our MegaDrive is the gold standard in greenhouse supplemental lighting and is quickly becoming the go-to system for large-scale installations.”

The high dessert is a challenging environment for a greenhouse with extreme conditions from freezing snow in the winter to 100+ degree heat in the summer. Here, the coordination between the elements of the greenhouse is essential – forced air heating, under bench heating, cooling curtains, shade curtains, blackout curtains, ventilation, and lighting. An advanced environmental controller from Wadsworth coordinates all these systems to deliver optimal grow conditions.

“This is yet another successful installation that shows greenhouses can be designed to deliver consistent yield year-round while minimizing energy usage and carbon footprint” added Mekhtarian. “Our high efficiency MegaDrive system can be controlled to supplement the right spectrum and intensity of light and ensure the lowest impact on our environment.”

The MegaDrive LED system from California Lightworks ads additional controllability to this complex system. The MegaDrive system features two channel spectrum control and dimming to offer the best light spectrum and intensity for all seasons and conditions. MegaDrive also communicates with light sensors over the canopy to automatically adjust to the changes in other systems which affect the light levels.

Ghost Town Cannabis has been able to harness the power of the sun as well as a perfectly controlled environment and lighting system to get the best results in a harsh environment.