Grove Bags Debuts SafeVac: The Only Vacuum-Seal Film Engineered For Cannabis

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CLEVELAND — Grove Bags, a leading provider of USA-Made cannabis packaging powered by TerpLoc® Technology, is proud to announce the launch of SafeVac. SafeVac is the ultimate solution for maximizing cannabis potency and quality, even under less-than-ideal vacuum-sealed conditions. This is the latest disruption from the technology leader in cannabis packaging, and serves as a direct replacement for traditional food-storage vacuum films, harnessing the power of Grove Bags’ proprietary TerpLoc® technology. Unlike traditional vacuum films designed for food, SafeVac is specifically engineered for the unique physiology of cannabis.

“SafeVac represents a substantial improvement in how cultivators and processors can leverage the operational efficiencies of vacuum storage, and now while protecting their crop with TerpLoc Technology. I am as ever proud of our team and partners for yet again delivering a best in class solution to support an industry that’s so important to us. We could not be more excited to introduce this product to the market and get in the hands of cultivators in the more than 70 countries around the world that cannabis is now cultivated in,” said Jack Grover, Founder & CEO of Grove Bags.


SafeVac is engineered to ensure that cannabis flower remains in the most desirable state. This means cultivators can trust that their products will remain in peak condition from cure to consumption, all while in storage or transit without the hassle of having to burp bags or containers. This convenience saves time and effort, allowing cultivators to focus on what they do best. In addition, whether storing finished flower or processing fresh frozen product, SafeVac’s unique barrier also allows for proper moisture distribution to prevent freezer burn.

Grove Bags is dedicated to providing the cannabis industry with technology-driven and tailored packaging solutions that protect product quality, streamline operations, and enhance the end-user experience. SafeVac is the latest addition to the company’s product lineup, offering cannabis cultivators a tailored, vacuum-seal film solution for optimizing and preserving the quality and potency of their best flower.

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About Grove Bags

Grove Bags is a leading provider of USA-Made Packaging powered by TerpLoc® Technology, dedicated to supporting growers and consumers in preserving the quality of cannabis from cure to consumption. With a mission to equip individuals with efficient preservation solutions, Grove Bags offers high-quality packaging that ensures the freshness and integrity of cannabis. Committed to raising the quality standards in the cannabis industry, Grove Bags envisions TerpLoc® becoming a globally recognized packaging solution wherever cannabis is found. Our promise is to deliver top-notch, affordable packaging that effectively preserves cannabis, striving to meet the needs of growers and consumers alike.

About Jack Grover

Jack Grover is the founder and CEO of Grove Bags, a provider of cannabis packaging specifically tailored for the unique physiology of the plant to create the perfect climate for cannabis preservation. After graduating from Babson College, Jack was inspired by his brother Charlie’s battle with cerebral palsy to enter the cannabis industry and create packaging that preserves the plant at its highest quality. Fast forward from March 2016, the company, Grove Bags, continues its commitment to manufacturing its packaging solutions in the United States for the global cannabis market, and has gained industry-wide praise for its proprietary TerpLoc® technology.

Jack has been a featured speaker at numerous cannabis conferences all over the world where audiences gather to hear his insights on material science and plant biology. While serving as CEO, Jack has helped steer the business year in and year out with tremendous growth while the products become a household name in the industry having packaged millions of pounds of product and are present in nearly every cannabis market globally.