Headset Introduces the Bridge Marketing Module

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SEATTLE — Headset, the leading provider of data and analytics to the cannabis industry, today introduced the Bridge Marketing Module to its retail data sharing Bridge platform. The advanced marketing solution will help brands and vendors maximize marketing opportunities within their connected retail stores and anticipate consumer demand.

The newly released marketing module is the first significant addition to Headset’s Bridge tool in nearly two years. Developed to optimize end-to-end retail operations, it will help brands effectively market products within specific retail locations and strengthen the overall relationship between brands and stores. Brand managers, sales representatives and other key stakeholders will have increased visibility into dispensary inventories and help retailers keep top-selling products in stock.


The Bridge Marketing Module is a multifaceted platform that offers distinct insights into inventory trends, customer profiles and promotional analysis. The module’s inventory dashboards enable Bridge users to pinpoint products that may need marketing support and strategically plan orders to ensure that retailers have enough inventory during special promotions. The module’s customer dashboards provide business owners with tools to better understand consumer behaviors and develop targeted marketing campaigns to convert potential customers into loyal customers. The final set of dashboards provides promotional analysis that allows vendors to compare campaign performance between different stores, identify the most impactful factors from previous campaigns and plan for future promotions.

“Our Bridge Marketing Module addresses one of the most prevalent operational challenges facing cannabis brands and vendors.” said Cy Scott, CEO and co-founder of Headset. “As consumer demand continues to accelerate, it is important for brands to have a better view of retail inventory and performance, allowing them to become better partners for their retailers. The Bridge Marketing Module adds an essential dimension to our existing Bridge platform and will be a valuable asset as more brands build scale.”

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About Headset

Headset is a data analytics company in the cannabis industry with a mission to help businesses make better-informed decisions through data. Headset focuses on collecting and analyzing consumer transaction information. Headset’s models and dashboards help cannabis retailers better optimize their day-to-day operations. In addition, product manufacturers, processors and distributors leverage the aggregated, standardized and anonymized receipt-level sales data in real-time to identify trends and opportunities, stay competitive and collaborate with retail customers. Learn more at www.headset.io.