Jane Technologies Launches New E-Commerce Modules

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SANTA CRUZ, Calif.Jane Technologies, Inc., a retail software company that created the leading online cannabis marketplace, has announced the launch of two new e-commerce modules designed to deepen brand relationships with consumers while promoting local dispensary sales.

Because of sales and delivery regulations, many brands are unable to sell their products direct-to-consumer. The Brand Portal by Jane solves that dilemma by tapping into Jane’s vast digital network of licensed cannabis dispensaries across the country. While surfing a brand’s website, consumers can click to shop, discovering which dispensaries near them sell that brand’s products. Consumers can complete their purchase online from the local dispensary without leaving the brand’s website.


Currently, Jane Technologies powers over 1,300 dispensaries in 30 states through its automated e-commerce platform. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has jumped from 17% of dispensary revenue to over 52% as customers stay out of retail stores in favor of curbside collection and delivery.

“This is the time to optimize your online sales capabilities. With this new retail environment, we are putting the brand first and powering a shopping experience that the brand doesn’t have to build or manage,” said Socrates Rosenfeld, Co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies. “By using existing infrastructure and supply, we’re able to promote local sales while unlocking brand websites providing consumers better convenience and choice.”

Leading brands including PAX Labs, Wana Brands and Papa & Barkley are some of the first in the space to adopt the new “indirect-to-consumer” model by Jane to reach consumers online in ways they never could before.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Jane to extend the PAX experience, which is more important than ever as we work to adapt to the new realities of retail,” said Dominic O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer at PAX Labs. “As a leader in the premium vape category, we’ll now be able to deliver a simplified and seamless multi-state, multi-brand solution on our website—ultimately enabling consumers to more easily find the nearest licensed dispensary selling PAX devices and our brand partners’ pods.”

In addition to the Brand Portal, Jane has also launched Digital Merchandising, an e-commerce module that advertises brand products on dispensary websites currently carrying their inventory. For instance, promotions for a brand’s edibles will only be served on a dispensary website when it is in stock. The brand can further curate specific audiences based on consumer behavior or preferences.

Traditionally, digital advertising has been an inefficient way to capture an audience’s attention. Ads are served by the thousands and success is measured in fractions of a percent. At the same time, these ads are not being served when consumers are necessarily looking to purchase items. Jane’s Digital Merchandising module uses algorithms to personalize the experience for customers as they shop for adult-use products at a dispensary’s online store, serving them curated promotions based on their tastes, preferences and purchase history.

“When a consumer comes to a dispensary website, we’re able to anticipate their needs on a more meaningful level. Our Digital Merchandising module ‘shifts the shelves’ based on a customer profile to curate and customize the hundreds of thousands of products on our platform specific for that individual consumer,” said Rosenfeld. “This module provides brands a way to directly reach customers likely to buy their product exactly where their products are sitting on the digital shelf. It also facilitates brand discovery at a time when both budtenders and consumers don’t have in-person opportunities to try new products.”

Both the Brand Portal and Digital Merchandising e-commerce modules are available for brands throughout Jane’s entire e-commerce network.  

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