New 10- & 20-Gallon Grow Bags Perfect for Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation from bio365



bio365, the leading manufacturer of clean, biologically active, and nutrient dense biochar soils for professional cultivation, has announced the release of its new 10- and 20-gallon grow bags to outdoor cannabis cultivators across the United States. Details are available at


Since 2015, bio365 has offered its line of innovative grow media, made with multiple patented ingredients designed to deliver better results for indoor and outdoor cultivators. New 10- and 20-gallon grow bags are available in multiple formulations targeted to diverse grower needs.

“Outdoor cannabis growers have been asking for larger bio365 grow bags for years,” says bio365 Chief Operating Officer Sean Meshorer. “Now, in addition to offering 4-yard supersacks, bio365 has introduced 10- and 20-gallon grow bags. That means more outdoor cannabis cultivators will be able to make the switch to bio365 media, and they’ll end up saving time and money.”

The patented ingredients developed by bio365 improve water and nutrient efficiency. As a result, cannabis cultivators who grow in bio365 media use less soil, reduce labor and amendment costs, and get better results. Meshorer shares, “Cultivators can use a 20-gallon bag of bio365 media and grow bigger, denser, healthier plants than they can in a 40-gallon container of any other media available.”

All bio365 grow bags are pre-filled and ready-to-use:


Biologically-active with wide spectrum beneficial biology

Patented biochar

Made from a sturdy, post-consumer recycled material

Macro hole pattern tested to optimize drainage

Micro-perforation technology provides thousands of drainage holds to optimize air exchange in the root zone and provide uniform dry down

“Many cannabis cultivators are shifting to containerized growing after discovering their land is contaminated, most commonly with soilborne pathogens, like fusarium, or by heavy metals from prior use, animal use, or other factors,” explains Meshorer. “bio365 grow bags provide a perfect solution. Every soil we produce is tested below all thresholds for heavy metals and contaminants. Since bio365 media is consistent bag to bag, growers know it’s safe to use and will deliver predictable outcomes.”

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About bio365

Since 2016, bio365 has manufactured clean living soils for professional cultivation. The company’s numerous innovations have been recognized with multiple patents, and the bio365 brand has become a leader in controlled environment agriculture. Today, bio365 grow media is used in a wide variety of commercial agriculture and food production applications, including indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation.