MIAMI — Triple, a new THC-infused seltzer that hit the market in January 2024, won three awards in the L.A. High Spirits Awards. The awards launched in 2023 to highlight the best brands in the THC-infused beverage industry. Triple, which is offered in lime, grapefruit, and cherry lemon, took home a gold medal and two silvers.

The second year of the awards featured top competition in the industry with a blind taste test determining the winners. As a new entry in the industry, Triple’s success in the competition showcases the brand’s dedication to high quality flavors for the best possible user experience. Born from a desire to blend THC’s social buzz with the social ritual of sipping on a seltzer, Triple is here to redefine the party landscape. Created by two 20-something former college nightlife event producers, Triple offers a new way to party, one that fits seamlessly into its creators’ lifestyle and the lifestyle of their peers. At 15-20 calories per can, a commitment to health-conscious offerings without compromising on taste was at the forefront of brand development.


The awards identify the best of the best to give buyers confidence when searching for the top THC-beverages on the market. Led by Rachel Burkons, a well-known cannabis consultant, content creator, writer and educator, an expert panel of nineteen judges in the field of spirits carefully narrowed down several submissions to choose the esteemed medal winners.

About Triple

Triple is a bubbly, refreshing THC-infused seltzer that’s as delicious as your favorite cocktail, but without the calories or the hangover. Triple gives you the buzz you’re looking for in a social beverage, without the commonly associated side effects of traditional cannabis. With the perfect amount of THC, Triple is a drink you can consume all day or night to party with friends or unwind at home. For more information, go to