Veteran Beverage Entrepreneurs Launch The Drinkable Company Debuting Cannabis Infused Cold Brew, Fresh Tea, and Handcrafted Soda

Drinkable Co Tiger Tea

DANVERS, Mass. – A team of beverage experts totaling close to 100 years of experience in generating best in class beverages, are proud to announce their entrance into the cannabis industry with the launch of

The Drinkable Company. Led by industry veterans Mark Mahoney and Lee Brody, The Drinkable Company produces high-quality cannabis infused beverages meticulously created to deliver exceptional taste, efficacy, and approachability.


The Drinkable Company’s available product line consist of cannabis infused Zenith Cold Brew Coffee, Tiger Tea, and Swivel Craft Soda. Manufactured with state of the art, fast-acting and water-soluble emulsion technology, each beverage contains

5mg of full spectrum cannabis oil and provides an early onset of effects, at a controlled pace.

“As an innovator in the beverage space, the rise of the cannabis beverage market intrigued me enough to know I wanted to bring something to the table, but in a new and strategic way,” said Mark Mahoney, Principal and Founder of The Drinkable

Company. “We saw seltzers launching rapidly, but not all consumers want a seltzer. To bring something different and fresh, we curated a variety of beverages that consumers can sip on during any occasion – whether it be for an energy boost, to refocus, or toM

chill, we have you covered!”

Zenith Cold Brew Coffee is carefully brewed and richly flavored and has zero calories. The fusion of locally roasted coffee, tantalizing flavors, accompanied with cannabis makes for a perfect ‘pick me up’ at any point of the day.

Whether the consumer needs a boost in the morning , a recharge in the afternoon, or just simply finds bliss in cold brew, Zenith is the perfect journey.

Tiger Tea: Cannabis Infused Real Tea is thoughtfully brewed yielding a naturally powerful experience. Made with freshly brewed, real green tea, this lightly sweetened and antioxidant rich beverage leaves consumers with a refreshing,

earthy sensation. Tiger Tea also comes in two varieties including strawberry, along with the combination of wild berry and hibiscus.

Swivel Cannabis Infused Craft Soda are made for the consumers who are ready to shake things up in any social setting, without the aftermath of a hangover! Available in four varieties including cola, diet cola, orange, and root beer

– the naturally flavored, low-calorie soda leaves consumers feeling light and airy and has less sugar than most craft sodas.

All beverages produced by The Drinkable Company contain 5mg of THC per 12 ounce can and are crafted with fresh, all-natural ingredients. Zenith, Tiger Tea, and Swivel are now available in select retailers in both Massachusetts and Maine.

To learn more about each brand or find availability in a retailer nearby, please visit or follow The Drinkable Company on Instagram.

About The Drinkable Company

Based on the Northshore of Massachusetts, The Drinkable Company is the vision of Mark Mahoney and Lee Brody, long-time beverage

industry veterans specializing in soft drinks, energy drinks, spirits, cocktail mixers, and brewing. The Drinkable Company’s mission is to continuously provide consumers with a delicious and sessionable beverage experience with each available product. The

company is committed to taste, responsibility, and enjoyment across the most popular beverage categories, including sodas, iced teas, seltzers, and cold-brew coffee. The Drinkable Company currently has infused cannabis beverages including Zenith Cold Brew

Coffee, Tiger Tea, and Swivel Crafted Soda – all available in Massachusetts and Maine.

For more information on The Drinkable Company and where to find available products, visit