VPR Brands Has Recently Filed Three New Lawsuits to Enforce Its Intellectual Property Patent Rights

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — via InvestorWire – VPR Brands, LP: VPR Brands is a market leader and pioneer in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers for nicotine, cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD). The company owns Intellectual Property which is one of the original Patents filed for electronic cigarette technology. This Patent dates to 2009 and includes independent claims covering electronic cigarette products containing an electric airflow sensor, including a sensor comprised of a diaphragm microphone. The sensor turns the battery on and off, and covers auto-draw, buttonless e-cigarettes, cigalikes, pod devices and vaporizers using an airflow sensor. The technology is covered under electronic cigarette utility patent US 8205622.

In recent years, the vaping industry has matured in size and continues to grow. The company believes that its patent puts them in a unique position to capitalize on the recent surge in e-cigarette/vape usage that resulted in what some analysts estimate to be a $6 billion e-cigarette market, this not including all devices sold for cannabis and CBD. A majority of the nicotine vaping devices sold in the U.S. now utilize an auto-draw/button-less technology. The company is investigating all buttonless vape devices within the nicotine, CBD, and cannabis space that initiate and regulate vaporization from the user’s airflow inhalation as they would be suspect of infringement.


“Just this week we have filed three additional lawsuits which brings the total to nine with many more expected and likely as almost every company in the vape space has at least one product which uses the patented Auto-Draw technology,” said Kevin Frija, CEO of VPR Brands. “We will be aggressively pursuing every company infringing on our patent. We want to make sure VPR Brands Patent which is valid until 2030 is enforced and our Intellectual property rights are protected. We intend to send a clear message to the industry that we mean business.”

VPR Brands along with SRIPLAW has started to identify and notify over 50 of the leading companies. These companies were prioritized, based on sales volume and popularity. Most recently VPR Brands LP and its legal team, headed by Joel B Rothman of SRIPLAW, have filed litigation against three more of the companies just this past week.

VPR Brands, LP v. Myle Vape Inc and MVH I Inc in New York

VPR Brands, LP v. HqdTech USA llc in Florida

VPR Brands, LP v. PHD Marketing Inc in California

These are in addition to six previous suits filed.

VPR Brands, LP v. Monq, LLC in Tennessee

VPR Brands, LP v. B&G Trading LLC D/B/A Vapor Tech in Arizona

VPR Brands, LP v. Lightfire Holdings LLC in Florida

VPR Brands, LP v. Jupiter Research, LLC in Arizona

VPR Brands, LP v. Cool Clouds Distribution, Inc. in California

VPR Brands, LP v. XL Vape in California

“The surge of the vaping category for nicotine, cannabis and CBD in the last few years has reached billions of dollars in sales. That has created opportunities for our patented Auto-Draw technology, which we believe is now preferred by many, if not most consumers,” said Kevin Frija, CEO of VPR Brands. “Infringement can be avoided by simply adding a button to the battery however the preferred option by consumers to simulate smoking is our buttonless auto draw technology and we believe this is an opportune time to consider licensing, enforcement or potentially a sale of our intellectual property to one of the larger players in the space. Our Patent could be a huge windfall for the company.”

“Buttonless batteries both for the E-liquid and the CBD space have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years making it the preferred technology used for vaping. Several prominent companies are utilizing and marketing this form of vaporizer without any regard for our Intellectual property. I am happy to see our company and legal team actively litigating to enforce our intellectual property,” said Dan Hoff, COO of VPR Brands, LP

About VPR Brands, LP:

VPR Brands is a technology company, whose assets include issued U.S. and Chinese patents for atomization related products including technology for medical marijuana vaporizers and electronic cigarette products and components. The company is also engaged in product development for the vapor or vaping market, including e-liquids, vaporizers and electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) which are devices which deliver nicotine and or cannabis through atomization or vaping, and without smoke and other chemical constituents typically found in traditional products. For more information about VPR Brands, please visit the company on the web at www.vprbrands.com.