World’s First THC-Infused Alcohol Removed Wine From Rebel Coast Winery Features ebbu’s Cutting-Edge HydroPS Cannabinoid Tech

SONOMA, Calif. — The world’s first legal THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc from award-winning Rebel Coast Winery is making a major splash thanks to the Northern California winemaker’s partnership with industry-leading cannabinoid technology company ebbu. Bottles of alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc are a hot-selling new item available at California dispensaries, with other varieties in the works.
“No alcohol, no hangover and best of all, only 35 calories per glass,” said Chip Forsythe, Rebel Coast Co-Founder & Winemaker. “Rebel Coast Winery wanted to make sure consumers could enjoy themselves and have confidence that they wouldn’t overdo it with THC. The HydroPS infusion technology by ebbu makes that possible.”
A bottle of Rebel Coast’s premium marijuana-infused Sauvignon Blanc contains 20 milligrams of fast-acting THC, so each glass has a low dose of 5 mg THC. In comparison, California regulations set the standard serving for an edible at 10 mg.
The HydroPS technology developed by ebbu is fast-acting and reliable. Consumers can enjoy a glass at dinner and know how it will affect them, just like drinking a glass of traditional wine.
The premium THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc has crisp, citrusy notes that pair well with fish, chicken and lighter meats. And the wine’s predictable effects and quick onset time set it apart from other edible products, which often take a couple hours before they kick in.
“This wine represents the future of cannabis infusion,” said ebbu CEO Jon Cooper. “Consistency in experience is what ebbu provides with our HydroPS technology. Rebel Coast Winery is smartly thinking ahead of the curve.”
HydroPS is a water-soluble, shelf-stable solution that is added to products to infuse them with cannabinoids. The technology is designed to produce consistent, predictable, fast-acting sensations in a wide range of beverages, foods, cooking oils, topicals and more. Thanks to the ebbu HydroPS technology that increases the bioavailability of THC, it takes effect within minutes.
Like its traditional wines, Rebel Coast’s marijuana-infused Sauvignon Blanc starts out with fermented grapes grown in Sonoma, the heart of California wine country known for its perfect cultivation climate and distinct terroir. The alcohol is then removed from the wine and THC extract is added using ebbu’s HydroPS technology, which ensures the cannabinoid is fully homogenized.
“It’s insanely good,” Forsythe said. “It smells and tastes just like Sauvignon Blanc.”
Rebel Coast’s THC-infused sauvignon blanc retails for $59.99 a bottle and is available for adults 21 and older at dispensaries across California.  The Rebel Coast brand is expanding and will offer the wine in additional states with regulated recreational cannabis sales and throughout Canada and internationally in Spring 2019.
The company is also working on plans to craft and release a refreshing cannabis-infused Rosé and sparkling wine, as well a line of non-psychotropic wines infused with cannabidiol (CBD), another cannabinoid known for a myriad of wellness benefits.
“The winemakers at Rebel Coast are changing the game,” Cooper said. “Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the fastest growing segments of the California market, and this is a sign of even more exciting things to come.”