Featured Products (October, 2018): Horticulture & Growing

apex 1 cc web MGmagazine
apex 1 cc web MGmagazine

Chemical-free, APEX RF treatment allows cannabis to retain cannabinoids, potency, and terpenes. The system can treat up to twenty pounds of cannabis in less than fifteen minutes. Rapid internal oscillation of polar molecules generates heat volumetrically, then proprietary processing kills pathogens including yeast and mold.

Rainforest System Rainforest_236B_clip_web_MGmagazine
Rainforest offers an innovative way to propagate cuttings and quick-start seeds, seedlings,or transplants. The vortex sprayer lifts and oxygenates nutrient solution, then distributes it over the cutting base or root zone. Compatible with the company’s Texas Controller for large installations.



Buddha Bloom
Distinctive blends of organic ingredients are harvested from natural sources around the world by communities engaged in sustainable extraction and production. Buddha Bloom reportedly promotes vigor, increases yields, and enhances the quality and flavor of soil-grown plants during their growth and bloom stages.

15-litre-Air-Pot-hydro2_clip_web_MGmagazine Air-Pot
Now in its sixth generation, Air-Pot’s design has been enhanced to maximize aeration, thereby helping plants develop healthy root systems. Additional oxygen in growing mediums increases healthy bacteria, which assist the plant in nutrient uptake. The product’s wall shape discourages root circling.

DIMLUX Expert Series 630W Dual Full-Spectrum Light
Designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle (SBCS) and equipped with DimLux-Expert-Series-630W-Dual-Full-Spectrum3_8022669_clip_web_MGmagazine Miro Silver mirrors and an Alpha Optics reflector, the 630W is a complete ceramic metal halide fixture. According to the company, the unit operates at 98-percent efficiency.