7 CBD Skincare Brands for Dry Winter Skin

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It was Groundhog Day on Saturday, February 2, and weather-prognosticating resident rodent Punxsutawney Phil apparently did not see his shadow, which means spring should come six weeks early this year.

But spring can’t come early enough for many residents of North America that experienced historic low temperatures last week, courtesy of the Polar Vortex. According to AccuWeather.com, last Tuesday in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, a temperature of -77F (degrees below zero) was recorded. Brrrrrrrrrr–that’s the kind of weather that will dry your skin right out, if it doesn’t freeze your eyeballs first.


Low humidity and being indoors with the heat turned up can irritate skin, leaving you itchy, red, and inflamed–but you unless you’re hibernating like our friend Phil, don’t wait months to moisturize and soothe your skin. These CBD-infused skincare lines offer anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as spa-like luxury, exotic ingredients, and botanical blends that will feel like an infusion of spring:

CannaSmack_Luxe-mgretailer CannaSmack Luxe Skincare–This female-operated company features a complete menu of signature CBD-infused masques, serums, scrubs, and moisturizers, as well as simple supplies, like lip balm and skin cream. Their CannaSmack Luxe Normal to Dry Skin Essentials selection has everything you need to soften winter skin, including hydrating cleanser and toner, Daily Moisture Retention cream, and Hemp Infuser Oil. From CannaSmack.com.

Cannuka_mgretailer Cannuka Skincare – This simple skin line infuses every product with natural CBD oil and Manuka honey. Hemp, which CBD is typically extracted from, has noted antiseptic properties. Certified Manuka honey is created when bees harvest pollen from a species of tea tree, and also is renowned for its antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits. Cannuka blends these natural benefits into basic skincare products that cleanses, moisturizes, and are suitable for acne-prone skin. From Cannuka.com.

CBD_Biocare_mgretailer CBD BioCare Skincare–This line features full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from whole plant hemp, which is non-GMO and grown in the U.S. to organic standards. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, these botanical blends offer anti-aging benefits. CBD BioCare individually tests each batch of CBD oil to ensure purity and quality. In addition to the skincare line, they also offer various CBD products including topical creams and lotions for pain relief. From CBDBioCare.com.

CBD_For_Life_FootCream_mgretailer CBD For Life – This woman-owned and -operated company offers a comprehensive skincare line, as well as other lifestyle products and apparel for fans of the brand. Facial care products include cleanser, moisturizing cream, and eye serum, as well as lip balm. For bodycare, you can indulge in hempseed oil-infused massage cream or foot cream, which promises to moisturize and also deliver anti-inflammatory benefits; for muscles that are achy from shoveling snow. From CBDForLife.us.

Hora_Skincare_Set_mgretailer Hora Skincare–This luxe line includes three spa quality serums, a moisturizer, and an overnight exfoliating mask. In addition to organic quality CBD oil, these products include other natural ingredients to indulge your skin, including marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, MCT oil, and vitamins A, B3, and C. Other essential ingredients include Borage oil, Argan oil, and extracts of rose hips and evening primrose. From HoraSkincare.com.

Kana_Skincare_mgretailer Kanna Skincare–This lovely skincare line keeps it simple and botanical with two sleep masks, serum, and their LIT facial oil, which contains a blend of phyto-cannabinoids and 16 essential, herbal oils. Get the complete Kana Beauty Skincare Set, which has one of each product. Derived from whole plant hemp, Kanna’s CBD oil contains full spectrum cannabinoids. Exotic ingredients like purple rice and licorice root extract promise anti-aging results. From KanaSkincare.com.

Sativa_Skincare_mgretailer Sativa Skincare – This hempseed oil-infused skincare line has everything you need for daily use including natural facial cleansers and serums, as well as hand and body soap, deodorant, lip balm, shampoo, and hair conditioner. Hempseed oil contains “polyunsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin E and Gamma Linoleic acid.” Extracts from Australian and Amazonian botanicals bring special benefits for softer skin. Elixinol, a leading global CBD product manufacturer, produces Sativa Skincare. From SativaSkincare.com.