What’s in Your Pocket? Small Denver Company Makes Waves in the Cannabis Industry


It’s an early rise for those of us hitting the pavement in the cannabis industry. Wiping off a daze that mirrors the after effects of a big rip, we begin to glance over the highlighted and noteworthy headlines of recent cannabis publications:

“Colorado Marijuana Sales Top $6 Billion”
“Canada’s Pot Exchange Gets Some Competition”
“An Estimated $5.2 Million the First Day of CA Legal Sales”


It’s incredible the international attention cannabis has received in recent years, especially when taking into consideration the industry’s history. Still listed as a Schedule I drug, the decriminalization of cannabis began only two years ago in 2017 following California’s 1996 Compassionate Use Act. Although some taboos people have clung to for decades remain, the perceptions have begun to shift. This can be attributed to an emergence of medicinal benefits linked to the treatment of neuropathic pain, debilitating medical conditions, and associated symptoms that have been heavily linked to cannabis use. This lends only a glance at where the industry is headed. While navigating the cannabis landscape can be complicated, one foundational element remains: the industry is full of growth potential.

PYPTEK glass pipe
Image courtesy of PYPTEK.

In 2012, Matt Greenberg and James Humes turned in their keys to the traditional day job arena and joined the cannabis industry. Instead of jumping into growing and horticulture, they planted their roots into the hard goods market. PYPTEK, a manufacturing company dedicated to creating the next generation of glass and metal pipes, emerged in 2013. ‘PYP’ and ‘TEK’ both serve as an abridgment of their full definitions, pipe & technology. The marriage of two distinct industries was designed to set in motion PYPTEK’s larger mission: to set a high-water mark in the industry for products, professional excellence, and customer satisfaction.

For PYPTEK, it’s all about the user experience. A new kind of pipe—stylish, durable, clean and high-end—was designed to take consumers on their next adventure. Where you begin matters, but the bigger question that remains is where are you going? PYPTEK sought to establish their creations as the products everyone should be carrying, hence the naming of their flagship pipe as the “Pocket.” Carefully designed to fuse all the benefits of a premium glass pipe with the durability of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Pocket delivers an authentic smoking experience.

Three compatible concentrate kits unlock the Pocket’s hidden gems which lend adaptability for the everyday user. The smooth and sleek aesthetic of the Pocket gives a nod back to other iconic pieces that many might recognize, helping bridge the generational ties of the consumer marketplace.

Maintaining an ever-expanding collection of hard goods is the nature of keeping up with the industry, and they’ve done well in showing their versatility. Their line currently houses four vintage editions of the brand: the Titan, Nano, Dreamroller, and Pocket. Recently PYPTEK also confirmed rumors around the addition of a Bubbler, and there are whispers of exciting new products on the horizon. As PYPTEK moves forward into a bright future, they remain unwilling to compromise their values. They manufacture all parts and pieces, from start to finish, in the USA. This approach and attention to detail has allowed PYPTEK to maintain their high standards of excellence and a commitment to consumer confidence that is unmatched.

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