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Lance C. Lambert spent years cultivating brands and telling stories in the mainstream digital media and marketing space prior to making the jump to the legal cannabis industry in late 2013. In 2022, he was named chief marketing officer at Gove Bags, where he’s tasked with growing the company’s footprint at home and in emerging markets around the globe.

How a War Helped Push Reform

On a frigid day in late December, amidst a war nearing two years with Russia, Ukraine’s parliament voted to legalize medical cannabis. While December...
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Trade Shows: Why the Best-Laid Plans Are Subject to Change

I have attended, worked, or spoken at 190 cannabis trade shows, expos, or events. While that may sound like a lot, it’s really not...
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Industry Evolution & Craft Revolution

Several years ago, I worked with a marketing team that wanted to convey their company’s technology was driving evolution in their industry. The tagline...
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The Only Constant Is Change

Here we are, going through another quirky cycle in the cannabis industry. During times of change and downturn, many pause to reflect where they...
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Activists, Advocates, and Opportunists at the Gate

The tone in the North American cannabis industry over the past several months has been one of harsh realities and unprecedented struggles for everyone...
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The Real Reason Cannabis Isn’t Federally Legal

The status of federal legalization in the United States is still a topic of conversation, though more so abroad than at home. Once a...
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Death to the THC Race!

One August not too long ago, I was in the English countryside in a little town called Kenilworth. I and several others from the...
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How Trade Shows Can Remain Relevant

Having worked the cannabis trade show circuit for several years now, I have excellent insight into marketing via the frontline. At the height of...
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Jamaica: Religion, Culture, and Regulation

Rastafarianism and cannabis are inextricably linked to Jamaica. But which came first, the religion or ganja? Ganja did. The relationship between cannabis and Jamaica predates...
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The Republic of Malta Takes a Big Leap for a Small Country

Almost everyone, it seems, was caught off guard in December 2021 when Malta announced it had legalized adult use just months after Luxembourg legalized...