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Rachelle Gordon is a leading cannabis and psychedelics reporter and copywriter. She has become a critical voice in the emerging industry, traversing North America for the last six years, covering the space as it developed. In addition to mg, Rachelle has been featured in High Times, CannabisNow, Cannabis & Tech Today, Beard Bros, Highly Capitalized, SWEET JANE, and many other industry publications. She is also a partner in the Women in Cannabis Study, a living history of women working in weed.
Sorting Robotics Stardust joint rolling machine for infused pre-rolls

7 Pre-Roll Machines Designed for Profitable Production

Pre-rolled joints are among the most popular products in the cannabis market today, gaining ground year after year. According to Headset data, pre-rolls are...
THC extraction Live Resin Dab Sauce Cannabis Oil Macro

7 Cannabis Extraction Machines to Squeeze Serious Profits

With businesses fighting for every dollar, maximizing returns from the plant is a crucial component of success. The art of extracting cannabis flower into...
guide to perfect packaging for cannabis DALL E mg magazine

10 Commandments of Perfect Packaging for Cannabis

Consumers, retail buyers, and marketers are putting more emphasis on brand presentation than ever before, with the results often playing a large role in...

Packaging: Containing Your Brand

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but packaging often makes or breaks retail sales. Brands spend months cultivating gorgeous flower...
CO2 molecules for commercial cannabis garden

Cultivating Excellence: Harnessing CO2 for Potency and Yield

Cannabis is a dynamic plant, requiring many unique inputs to thrive. From cannabis nutrients to soil pH and the right light, it takes a...
best breeders and cannabis seed banks for a successful grow in 2023

8 Breeders and Seed Banks with Desirable Strains for 2024

Every cannabis grower hopes to have a plentiful harvest full of top-shelf buds. One of the best ways to meet that goal is by...
Visual soil examination for the cannabis nutrients

Cannabis Nutrients: What Plants Need to Thrive

Nutrients are a crucial component of the marijuana life cycle and must be available as soon as leaves start to appear. Without the right...
Ricardo Baca Grasslands Networking

Six Essential Strategies for Maximizing Event Sponsorships

Conferences and trade shows are excellent ways for professionals to learn, engage, and find new opportunities. But everyone knows the real business happens after...
A Blue Roller Coaster Among Colorful Balls On A Pink background

Navigating the Weird World of Cannabis Social Media

Brands rely heavily on social media to raise awareness. With relatively low overhead costs and the potential for considerable reach, a robust social media...
AutoFlower Field - photo credit Courtesy Humboldt Seed Co

Why You Might Want to Consider Autoflower Seeds

In the world of cannabis cultivation, the vast majority of varieties are photoperiod sensitive. This means they rely on regular intervals of light and...