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Is Automation the Necessary Future of Cannabis Production?

Cannabis manufacturing is a uniquely rewarding yet challenging task. The plant is fickle, and a competitive market with tight margins leaves zero room for...
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Cannabis Brands Find Success with Social Media Alternative Cameo

Digital marketing in cannabis can be a headache. Between restrictions on traditional avenues such as Google Adwords and a lack of support from popular...
Salt field ready for harvest by siripong panasonthi mg Magazine

Salt: Earth’s Natural Solution For Cannabis Preservation

The cannabis plant faces a particularly perilous journey from cure to consumption. Throughout all stages of the supply chain, headspace air in the container...
Ispire The Wand mg Magazine-1

Ispire The Wand

Conventional butane torches can be intimidating—and, let’s face it, downright dangerous. Ispire's The Wand changes the game as the first eNail to use induction...
Levia_Seltzer mg Magazine

Levia Seltzer

Another new entry in the beverages category, Levia’s sugar-free fizzy drink contains 5mg THC per 12oz can. Available in three effects-oriented flavors—raspberry-lime Achieve, lemon-lime...
Boost EVO mg Magazine

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

From one of the most recognizable hardware brands in the game, the Boost EVO endeavors to ensure a consistent temperature throughout a session. The...
Urb Rocks Delta-9 mg Magazine

Lifted Made Urb Rocks

Lifted Made offers a robust catalog of CBD, CBN, Delta-8, and Delta-10 goods, but it’s the company’s foray into hemp-derived Delta-9 THC that has...
Hall of Flowers Hall C mg Magazine

3 Takeaways from Fall 2021 Hall of Flowers

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – Hall of Flowers, the business-to-business cannabis industry event known for its bold brand activations and unique on-site dispensary for retail...
Hall of Flowers 2019 lounge area mg Magazine

Expert Tips for the Best Experience at Hall of Flowers

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – Hall of Flowers is back. California’s business-to-business event for retailers and brands will return to Santa Rosa, California, September 22...
Rocket-Seeds Moon landing mg Magazine

Rocket Seeds Cultivates Social Consciousness

Until recently, the cannabis industry was shrouded in mystery. Breeders and cultivators, especially, were almost exclusively underground due to legal risks. Reliable source material...