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Rachelle Gordon is a leading cannabis and psychedelics reporter and copywriter. She has become a critical voice in the emerging industry, traversing North America for the last six years, covering the space as it developed. In addition to mg, Rachelle has been featured in High Times, CannabisNow, Cannabis & Tech Today, Beard Bros, Highly Capitalized, SWEET JANE, and many other industry publications. She is also a partner in the Women in Cannabis Study, a living history of women working in weed.
Ricardo Baca Grasslands Networking

Six Essential Strategies for Maximizing Event Sponsorships

Conferences and trade shows are excellent ways for professionals to learn, engage, and find new opportunities. But everyone knows the real business happens after...
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Navigating the Weird World of Cannabis Social Media

Brands rely heavily on social media to raise awareness. With relatively low overhead costs and the potential for considerable reach, a robust social media...
AutoFlower Field - photo credit Courtesy Humboldt Seed Co

Why You Might Want to Consider Autoflower Seeds

In the world of cannabis cultivation, the vast majority of varieties are photoperiod sensitive. This means they rely on regular intervals of light and...
WHTLBL pre-rolls

7 White-Label Manufacturers That Can Help Expand Your Brand

Launching a new product line is hard work. It’s also expensive, especially for startups that may not have the up-front investment for all the...
Scientist woman indicates the chromatogram of mass spectrometry analysis results of compounds, as shown on the computer monitor of mass spectrometer instrument in the laboratory for indoor vs outdoor cannabis study

Study Reveals Chemical Differences in Indoor and Sungrown Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, most people assume the plant’s genetics are primarily responsible for an individual cultivar’s cannabinoid and terpene content. However, it...
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6 Cannabis Retail Marketing Predictions for 2023

Cannabis marketing has reached a complicated point in history. The era of adult-use legalization is over a decade old, with more states coming online...
Marijuana-dispensary-buyers-guide-spring-2023 colorful shapes

Spring 2023 Dispensary Buyers’ Guide

Although the legal industry has been around for more than twenty-five years, the fragmented nature of cannabis commerce means it’s still comparatively young. As...
Cannabis-Staffing sign "proud to work in cannabis"

6 Cannabis Staffing Agencies to Help Elevate Your Company

The cannabis industry is expanding at a rapid pace. According to the 2022 Leafly Jobs Report, there are currently more than 428,000 full-time equivalent...
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Reaching Medical Cannabis Consumers: Helping Patients Thrive

In a time when adult-use cannabis seems to get all the attention, it’s important to remember that many people use the plant as medicine....
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Improving Fair Access to SAFE Banking

Ask nearly any cannabis professional about what’s holding the industry back, and you’ll likely get three answers: cannabis’s status as a Schedule I drug,...