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Robert Hoban Esq.
Robert T. Hoban is a managing partner at the Hoban Law Group, one of the nation’s premier cannabusiness law firms. Hoban is the former president of the Cannabis Business Alliance and a member of the National Hemp Association, the National Cannabis Industry Association, and the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. Headquartered in Denver, the Hoban Law Group offers legal and business counsel across the United States.
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DEA Classifies CBD-based Epidiolex as Schedule V Controlled Substance

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration is expected to issue a final order placing Epidiolex on Schedule V of the Controlled...
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There’s Reason for Optimism, Even in the Sessions Era

  Entire libraries seemingly have been written about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ distaste for cannabis. We all know the 70-year-old former U.S. Senator from Alabama...