Infinite Energy Solutions is Here to Power the Cannabis Industry


How natural gas is being used to create a more sustainable industry.

CBD based products, oils, and flower with high potency receive much of the focus of the cannabis industry. But as legal cannabis expands into new markets, new concerns are bound to arise. Will cannabis producers become an ally to the green energy movement? Or will they become part of the problem?

“We believe the cannabis industry is an inherently green industry that will come to embrace natural gas,” said Brian James, founder, and president of Infinite Energy Solutions.


According to the company’s website, natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, releasing up to 50% less CO2 than coal and 20-30% less than oil and emits negligible amounts of dangerous elements other fuels release such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and mercury (Hg).

“About 15 years ago I realized that many businesses did not have access to experts in the natural gas field,” said James.

And since this realization, MBS Engineering, which is Infinite Energy’s parent company, has grown considerably. Their client list includes many high profile companies including AIG and Chevron.

“Our microturbines, which are compact and designed to produce large amounts of energy on a smaller scale, are the next generation energy solution,” said James.

But to James, it’s the future of the cannabis industry which is really exciting.

“While the microturbine application is new to the cannabis industry, we believe our expertise in this eld will add tremendous value to this fledgling industry. One of the biggest obstacles for a grow is ensuring that there is adequate power.”

He added that companies trying to begin operations quickly stand to benefit the most.

“Many local energy providers can take as long as two years to provide the amount of energy needed, while a microturbine can be installed in 30 to 90 days.”