Hazy and LUCHADOR MOTA-MANIA Photo Gallery

Photo: Hiban Huerta

Latina-owned cannabis brand LUCHADOR teamed up with LA event producers Hazy to throw Motamania: a huge cannabis-themed Lucha Libre show on a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles on 420 that brought out 1,500 people and delivered a record sales day for the partnering store.

Motamania was hosted by NBC StandUp winner Rene Vaca, and featured high octane matches from NWA’s current tag team champions La Rebellion (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf), rising AEW star Toa Liona and AAA Lucha Libre favorite Mr Iguana, as well as a packed roster of Mexican and U.S. talent.


LUCHADOR has been throwing live pro wrestling shows at dispensaries up and down California for the past nine months, drawing bigger and bigger crowds and breaking sales records at the stores. For this special late nite show, they partnered with Hazy, who have been building a reputation for throwing some of the coolest consumer-facing cannabis events in the country, with their fresh approach to programming, brand integration and audience engagement. 

“Hazy wanted to do something truly different this 420, so we partnered with LUCHADOR to bring some real entertainment to the LA cannabis community,” said Kolin Morgenstern, co-founder of Hazy. “We had a really engaged crowd made up of super passionate wrestling fans, stoners, budtenders, buyers, creatives, artists, trendsetters. Telemundo even came out! It was a special night.”

LUCHADOR founder and Chief Scientific Officer Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, MS. was also in attendance, and stepped into the ring before the final match to thank the crowd and explain where the Lucha Libre show concept came from. “I grew up in Guadalajara near a huge Lucha Libre stadium. I loved luchadores but we never had enough money to go,” she told the audience. “Now I have my own cannabis company in America, and I get to host Lucha Libre shows for free!”