Jenny’s Rose issued multiple patents, launches namesake brand in California

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LOS ANGELES – Shortly after receiving its third issued patent for patent portfolio covering novel extraction processes and formulation, Jenny’s Rose ( has launched its first line of products under the namesake brand in the California cannabis market.

“In the years of listening to people’s needs and seeing the technology work first hand on countless individuals, including those I care about the most, I am very excited to share what we have been working on with the world.” Mentioned Jimmy Castillo, Founder and Chief Science Officer. “Helping people at all life stages to experience a better quality of life has always been a top priority. This came especially after seeing the pain my sister Jennifer Rose suffer during the end of her battle with cancer. My sister would be so proud of the team of compassionate and loving individuals that have come together to carry her legacy forward. All of our products are uniquely formulated with love from us to you in the hopes you have a better today and a brighter tomorrow.”


“We’re excited to make an impact,” mentioned COO, Mike Martinez “California is known as one of the greatest markets to tap into. It is a proving ground for cannabis brands and foundation in culture. Jimmy has deep roots in the market as a past operator and our team is excited to plant the first flag for the Jenny’s Rose brand into strategic launch locations. We embark on this journey with many more to come.”

Jenny’s Rose third issued patent provides protection around the varieties of formulations offered within the technology. The accomplished holdings now include formulations that are tied to the original stronghold proprietary extraction process and novel fraction “remainder” technology. The third patent comes as a successful result of prosecution of an extensive portfolio of patent applications so far with a revered success rate of obtaining issued patents.

Jenny’s Rose operates as an IP development & technology company patenting inventions for unique extraction and formulation methods relating to hemp and cannabis plants. Coming to light in these tragic times, Jenny’s Rose has a mission to unlock the full potential of the plant and heal modern society. See more at

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