Lowell Herb Company Advertises Jobs for Pardoned, Nonviolent Offenders

Lowells billboard mg magazine
Lowells billboard mg magazine

LOS ANGELES – Cannabis producer Lowell Herb Company has launched an initiative to offer jobs and other employment resources to recently pardoned, nonviolent offenders who are seeking careers in the cannabis industry.

A billboard advertising The Social Equity and Reparative Justice Program has been put next to the Men’s Central Jail and Twin Tower Correctional Facility (located on Daly St., north of Mission Road, facing the 5 South Freeway) in downtown Los Angeles. Lowell will also promote the program on local television and radio, to make sure their offer of resources and employment reaches those in need.


“In America and around the world, people have been using cannabis for centuries. Finally, the laws in U.S at the state level are catching up with the fact that the people have spoken, with 64 percent in favor of marijuana legalization,” David Elias, Lowell Herb Co. chief executive officer told mgretailer.

“The industry today exists in large part based on the fact that all of the early pioneers took risks in the grey market. In essence, the industry as a whole should be conscious of this and take actions to give people affected by cannabis prohibition a second chance,” Elias added.

The company said in a press release that there are several career opportunities available, including package design, sales, marketing, distribution, shipping, and customer service. Most of the jobs are located in Los Angeles, but there are also positions available in the Bay Area, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and San Diego.

Lowell’s initiative also will include internships offered by the company and its brand and retail partners, to offer intensive on-the-job training, industry education, and other valuable experience that will prepare interns for industry careers.

“We are hopeful that other companies will also look to hire people effected by cannabis prohibition, but we know the best way for Lowell to make an impact is to take action. We are starting first with our program to hire qualified candidates, and then working to expanding the program to include other cannabis companies that want to participate.”

The new initiative is the most recent action taken by Lowell and other cannabis companies to provide resources and jobs to individuals and communities that have been negatively affected by marijuana prohibition and the War on Drugs. Lowell Herb Co. also supports the Marijuana Policy Project.

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