Spring 2022 Buyers’ Guide: New Product Roundup

Shelves need a refresh? This spring’s crop of new products will revitalize your selection and attract customers across all demographics.

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New cannabis products are coming into the market at an incredible clip, and customers are embracing the diversity on shelves. Standards of manufacturing, cultivation, and brand positioning are improving around the country, giving cannabis consumers an unprecedented breadth of form factors, flavors, and feels.

The most noticeable thing about mg Magazine’s 2022 spring buyers’ guide is fewer products hail from California. While the Golden State has been the source of much of the past decade’s brand and product innovation, compelling new companies in the Midwest and on the East Coast are helping those fast-growing markets take huge leaps forward. We considered exciting new products in existing categories while also giving a nod to emerging niche categories. Pre-rolls, which in 2021 continued their trend upward in category market share, are represented extensively here in a wide variety of nuanced forms. Beverages continue to bubble up nationally, and brands from multistate operators (MSOs) have begun hitting their stride, becoming some of the best-selling and most widely available products in the country.


Puffco Peak Pro Indiglow


Arguably one of the most hyped accessories of the past year, the Indiglow Puffco Peak dab rig is worthy of an upgrade for existing Puffco users and seasoned dabbers looking for a statement piece. With a sacred-geometry-inspired, blow-molded inner dome, Bluetooth app connectivity, and LED customization, Puffco has shown it knows its core customers well. For stores bringing connoisseurs to the concentrate bar, this visually striking rig will help with upsells.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Sprinjene Toothpaste


A couple of years ago, CBD toothpaste was the kind of punchline you’d expect to read in think pieces lampooning the cannabidiol boom. Today, respected toothpaste manufacturer Sprinjene has added broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD to the black seed oil and zinc in its patented, fluoride-free products. Retailers that cater to consumers seeking health-and-wellness products may find the toothpaste’s novel form factor can help keep their shelves feeling fresh.

Wholesale: (732) 640-1830; [email protected]


Presidential x THC Design Moon Rock Pre-Rolls


THC Design is one of the most well-respected names in California flower, and the company’s latest collaboration with legacy brand Presidential represents a response to national demand for high-potency infused joints. The 1.5g, 100-percent-tobacco-free blunt is infused with premium distillate and rolled in keef.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Gage Vape Cartridges


Gage made industry headlines last year after TerrAscend acquired the Michigan retailer and cultivator for a whopping $545 million. Known for its exceptional flower and signature tangerine color palette, Gage’s new vape line crafted with exotic strains like Strawberry Gelato, Banana Bread, and Ether OG should be a no-brainer for Michigan retailers with a young, style-conscious clientele.

Wholesale: [email protected]


High Life Farms Nuggies

California, Michigan

Edibles continue to threaten flower’s dominance, with gummies and chocolate leading the pack. A growing number of consumers, however, are clamoring for savory treats. In Michigan, High Life Farms splits the difference with Nuggies, indulgent chocolate-covered pretzel bites in three flavor combos. Each bite is infused with 10mg THC; 100mg per package. If you separate sweet and savory edibles, stock some in both places.

Wholesale: HighLifeFarms.com/contact


Flower by Edie Parker Best Buds Pre-Rolls

Illinois, Massachusetts

New York City-based luxury fashion label Edie Parker first ventured into cannabis in 2016 with a line of playful yet elegant smoking accessories created by women for women. The brand’s latest release is a trio of pre-roll packs in collaboration with MSO Ascend Wellness (AWH). The packs come in Earliest Bird (sativa), Happiest Hour (hybrid), and Night Cap (indica), and the partnership with AWH in Illinois and Massachusetts gives the brand a reliable source of quality flower to bolster its credentials as a serious contender.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Stündenglass Kompakt


One smoking rig we’ve been enchanted by lately is the futuristic water gravity bong from Stündenglass. This arresting piece of engineering is made of borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, providing the experience of an old-school gravity bong without the concern that you and your weed will end up soaking wet. Stündenglass took the hype to dizzying heights with high-profile collaborations with Dr. Greenthumb and Cookies, effectively cementing the product’s cultural bona fides.

Wholesale: wholesale.gnln.com


The Cali by VIBES


While the pandemic surge in pre-rolls showed people were less willing to pass joints, it also suggested a lot of consumers simply can’t roll joints—hence, a surge in rolling-papers sales. Berner’s VIBES brand’s The Cali is a pack of three fat 1g pre-rolled papers made of 100-percent natural hemp, touting excellent airflow and a slow, even burn. VIBES’ eye-catching packaging and sterling reputation should make the line a staple upsell.

Wholesale: wholesale.gnln.com


Sweet Talk Gummies


Aside from the humble pre-roll, gummies were the big breakout product of the pandemic era. Now Trulieve, one of the country’s biggest MSOs, is getting in on the action with Sweet Talk gummies. The brand has a unique, succulent-seductive positioning and comes in three varieties: mixed berry (indica), watermelon (hybrid), and green apple (sativa). Each piece is dosed at 5mg, with twenty pieces per bag.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Dogwalkers Mini-Dogs

Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada

Dogwalkers” are joints small enough to enjoy while taking your pup for a quick stroll. The concept is compelling enough that Chicago-based MSO Green Thumb Industries built an entire brand around it. Beautifully packaged and aimed at novices, each tin comes with five 0.35g pre-rolls. A portion of all sales benefits animal charities in the states where Dogwalkers are sold.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Left-Handed Infused Sugar 


One of the more novel products in this guide is the cinnamon-infused sugar from Left-Handed Brand, a 4Front Ventures line that features spices, sugars, and salts. Perfect for baking or simply adding to a cup of coffee, each bag contains 100mg THC and comes in a 1950s-diner-style box. Demand is growing for infused condiments, cooking oils, and food enhancers, so products like this one are great additions to your edibles menu.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Hi5 Seltzer

Maine, Massachusetts

At long last, beverage fridges are becoming some of the most exciting areas in dispensaries. One of our favorite new additions is Hi5 by Theory Wellness, the fast-acting spiked seltzers currently available in Massachusetts and Maine. The 5mg THC cans come in nine classic flavors, including lime, cranberry, and watermelon, and they target consumers looking for alternatives to booze. 

Wholesale: [email protected]


Eyce Oraflex Spoon Pipe


Relevant upsells like papers, lighters, and smoking pieces are essential for increasing cart sizes, and the affordable Spoon pipes from Eyce are excellent options for unfussy, price-conscious customers. The pipes come in five colors and are designed with two layers of platinum-cured silicone. Better yet, they can be taken apart for easy cleaning, a notorious issue for bongs and pipes of all varieties. With a classic look and feel and an accessible price point, the pipes address a common problem while retaining the familiarity of an old-school piece.

Wholesale: wholesale.gnln.com


Heavy Hitters HVY Grand Tincture


One of the more indulgent items on this list is the HVY Grand Tincture from legacy California brand Heavy Hitters. The super-limited-release, top-shelf “trichome tincture” commemorates the company’s staggering twenty-five years in the game. The innovative product uses liquid trichomes, a proprietary single-strain nano-emulsion infused with Acapulco Gold terpenes. It promises a full-body high with a bright, uplifting character and natural notes of citrus, grapefruit, and ginger.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Quim Smooth Operator Serum


With stunning packaging, elegant branding, and a clear niche offering, Quim remains among the most exciting female-focused cannabis products for sex. The brand’s Smooth Operator intimate serum contains 100mg hemp-derived CBD, aloe vera, and passion fruit extract; according to the company, it is “designed to increase blood flow, promote pelvic relaxation, and decrease inflammation and pain.”

Wholesale: [email protected]


Insane Churros


Cannabis partnerships—or “collabs”—are becoming more common, and this effort from beloved infused cookie maker Big Pete’s and Dr. Greenthumb (Cypress Hill don B Real) is one of our favorites. As a growing market for products positioned at the Hispanic demographic emerges, this line of hot, buttery, cinnamon-sprinkled churro cookies from two California heavyweights is sure to move, regardless of your core demographic.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (831) 420-7857


Sèche Singles

Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania

A major 2021 trend sure to carry over is lower-tier, pre-ground flower aimed at the value consumer who doesn’t want their head melted by the latest exotics. Sèche is Florida-based MSO Jushi’s addition to the category, and the 1g pre-rolls use the same top-quality flower as the company’s other products. Level up your pre-roll shelf with these singles from a reputable supplier that can keep pace with demand in the high-churn category.  

Wholesale: (561) 617-9100; [email protected]


Chillax’n Mask Spray


Call Chillax’n’s new Mask Spray a beneficial byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic. By combining the essences of blood orange, lemon, and vanilla with 10mg CBD, the Chillaxn spray turns the fashion accessory du jour into an on-the-go aromatherapy experience. Spray the product on masks, fabrics, or skin for a quick shot of stress relief.

Wholesale: Chillaxn.com/pages/wholesale


Sackville & Co. Crystal Ball Pipe


If you’ve been paying attention to the boom in boutique smoking accessories, you’ll have heard of New York-based Sackville and its statement pipes, bongs, and smoking necessities aimed at the style-conscious consumer. This two-piece borosilicate glass accoutrement consists of the orb smoking vessel and a durable glass base. These little guys will roll off the shelves of any store catering to a steady base of hipsters.

Wholesale: Sackville-And-Co.myshopify.com/a/wsg/proxy/signup


Select Cliq

Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah

Select is one of the best-known brands in cannabis, available in more than twenty states. The company’s new piece of proprietary vape hardware incorporates a sleek, stainless-steel battery and a magnetic pod-style cartridge with a gravity feed, ensuring consumers get all the oil they paid for. The Select battery has adjustable heat settings, and the pods are filled with the brand’s Elite oil, now dubbed Select Cliq. 

Wholesale: [email protected];



TSUMo Savory Snacks


One of the most memorably unique brands at 2021’s Hall of Flowers events was TSUMo Snacks, savory chips that come in five familiar flavors and boast 10mg THC per bag. The tangy tortilla rounds and cheese puffs are a breath of fresh air in a category dominated by sweet edibles, while the vibrant packaging would look right at home nestled among the chips in Whole Foods. With a suggested retail price of $5 per bag, TSUMo Snacks are an easy, interesting upsell for customers who like to sample new products. And who doesn’t like chips?

Wholesale: [email protected]


Omura Series XLE Collector’s Edition

California, Massachusetts

Omura set a new standard in November 2020 with the debut of its “heat-not-burn” Series X. Now, the company has unveiled a limited-edition collector’s device housed in knurled magnesium, each engraved with its own number. Each device comes with a limited-edition Flowerstick-holding charging base. Only 1,000 of the special XLE Collectors Edition were manufactured, so market to consumers who crave exclusivity.

Wholesale: [email protected]; OmuraWholesale.com


RAF FIVE Acne Products


The first-of-its-kind, patent-pending RAF FIVE line consists of five CBD-infused products formulated by a biopharm company to address acne: Wash Away Gel Cleanser, Spot On Acne Treatment, Kick Off Hydrating Lotion, After Hours Moisturizing Lotion, and Clear the Way Acne Treatment Pads, which can be used individually or as a system. The products also incorporate popular components like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, as well as parent company Zelira’s patent-pending Zylorma® complex. 

Wholesale: (484) 630-0650; [email protected]


GRAV Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints


Another cute accessory for our friends who can’t roll but want to buy eighths is GRAV’s glass joint pack. Promising the ritual and satisfaction of smoking a joint with the clean burn of a bowl, the seven glass joints in every pack hold half a gram of ground flower each, and each pipe is reusable and sealable with a silicone plug. As a low-cost alternative to cheap disposa-bowls and pre-rolled cones, GRAV’s pack of glass jays is a great solution. 

Wholesale: Wholesale.GRAV.com


Her Highness x Last Prisoner Project Pre-Roll + Lighter

California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Canada

If your store caters to socially conscious consumers, it’s wise to devote some shelf space to products that contribute to a good cause. Women-owned brand Her Highness partnered with Last Prisoner Project on joint-and-lighter packs that tell the stories of women jailed for low-level cannabis offenses. Fifty percent of the proceeds go toward funding prison release, financial support upon reentry, and continued legal assistance and scholarship programs.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Honest Marijuana Insta Fizzy


Based on proprietary Nanobidiol technology, InstaFizzy tablets by Honest Marijuana dissolve in water to create an effervescent infused beverage that reportedly produces a head high in two to ten minutes. Consumers may choose from five flavors. The product doesn’t fit easily into standard product categories, so the best marketing will be budtenders’ recommendation.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (888) 434-3183.


Pineworx Tree Rolls


Wrapping organically grown, 100-percent hemp flower in ultra-thin Tree-Rolls rolling paper creates a pre-roll with a smooth, even hit of terpenes and full-spectrum CBD. Socially conscious consumers will appreciate doing good while feeling good: Under its #PuffPuffPlant program, the brand plants a tree for every product sold. Market to customers who steer clear of THC but enjoy full-bodied terpenes.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (813) 530-8699


Astro Hippie Flower


In the American festival and wook scene, electronic music producer GRiZ’s name is synonymous with getting high. The Michigan-born artist earned his culture bona fides dealing weed in his younger years, and his Astro Hippie brand of potent, top-shelf flower boasts a suite of strains targeting “experimenters and tokers who want to explore life in maximum color.” Astro Hippie partners with local heavyweight Pure Options, which has a sterling reputation for its premium genetics.

Wholesale: [email protected], [email protected]


PHASES Pre-Roll Flight


One of the brands that stood out at the most recent Hall of Flowers was PHASES, a new effect-based flower line from A Golden State. PHASES comprises pre-rolls made from premium whole flower, ground fresh and rolled in organic hemp paper. The 0.5g jays come in a collectible tin with a corresponding guide to each strain, letting consumers sample their way through the brand’s flower, which is watered with snowmelt from nearby Mount Shasta.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Ambassador Topical Cream


Crafted from certified-organic, single-origin Colombian hemp, Ambassador’s first topical incorporates lavender oil, coconut oil, and arnica to help fight acne, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds. All products are free of formaldehyde, mineral oil, and animal-derived ingredients and are never tested on animals. Each 1oz pump bottle packs 1,250mg CBD. 

Wholesale: (302) 696-2464; AmbassadorCBD.com/wholesale


Fruit Slabs Sour Slabs

California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Washington

Crafted by hand using organic fruit purees and flavors, Fruit Slabs’ new sour slabs are low-calorie, low-sugar, vegan, and certified kosher. Each colorful, biodegradable package contains ten 10mg-THC servings. The brand’s signature look stands out on shelves, and its reputation for flavor and social consciousness stays in consumers’ minds. CBD-only varieties also available.

Wholesale: LeafLink.com


incredibles Snoozzzeberry Gummies

Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Ohio 

Crafted with pure distillate for a consistent experience, incredibles’ Snoozzzeberry gummies are an unconventional product for a brand known for its chocolate. Snoozzzeberries taste remarkably like blueberries—though the absence of artificial coloring makes them much lighter in color—and each packs a 10mg THC/2mg CBN punch. Early adopters with insomnia swear they induce a restful night’s sleep.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Beboe Inspired Blend Gummies

Illinois, Nevada

Sparkling and sophisticated, Beboe’s 100-percent all-natural gummies are “socially dosed” for a balanced buzz. The blood-orange-flavored Inspired Blend delivers 5mg THC per piece; eight sugar-dusted confections are nestled in each retro-inspired tin. Blackberry-flavored Downtime Blend, in a suitably purple tin, combines 5mg THC with 5mg CBD to encourage relaxation. The Beboe name and standout packaging are sure to attract attention on any menu.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Canna River Broad-Spectrum Gummies


Canna River’s line of broad-spectrum CBD gummies addresses a broad variety of issues. Energy, immunity, recover, sleep, stress, and multivitamin varieties are infused with CBD, CBG, and CBN, plus vitamin B12 and herbal ingredients like ashwagandha, melatonin, acai berries, and ginseng. Bright packaging and tempting fruit flavors draw attention, and with wholesale discounts starting at more than 50 percent, the products could be margin-boosters.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (805) 250-4484


Ispire daab


Ispire’s daab uses induction to heat concentrates to up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit in user-controllable five-degree increments for a more precise terpene experience. Unlike other devices in its category, daab doesn’t require the user to load concentrates into the unit itself; instead, the design employs an interchangeable cup-and-banger system made of food-grade glass, which makes the unit easier to clean and extends its useful life. Promote to tech mavens and dabbers seeking sustainable products.

Wholesale: (310) 742-9975; [email protected]


Glass House Farms x F/ELD Infused Pre-Rolls


The folks at Glass House Farms call the marriage of their sustainably grown cannabis with F/ELD Extracts’ terpy live resin and diamonds “the latest innovation in sustainable space travel.” Each 2.5g pack contains five pre-rolls; the collection includes fourteen strains. Glass House is a perennially popular brand, and infused pre-rolls are trending.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Koko Gemz Handmade Infused Chocolates


The 4Front Ventures line of tasty treats just keeps expanding. Koko Gemz, handcrafted Belgian milk and dark chocolate bites infused with 10mg THC each, come in flavors including mint and cookies and cream. The packaging alone is decadent. Chocolate lovers may just swoon over these little morsels.

Wholesale: [email protected]


Wonderbrett Live Resin Carts


Wonderbrett is known for its flower, and for live resin fans, the brand’s transition into concentrates is a big moment. Paired with a custom Drip rechargeable battery, the distillate-free live-resin cartridges contain ultra-premium strains like Lemon OZ Kush, Orange Sunset, and Strawberry Bliss. Although the product currently is available only in California, Wonderbrett’s recent expansion to Michigan means the new product line could make its way east.

Wholesale: [email protected] 

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