“Big Mike” Hosts the 2017 Holiday Heroes Easter Charity Event

20170414  MG 1648
20170414 MG 1648

“Big Mike” Straumietis of Advanced Nutrients may be known for his parties and larger than life personality, but he his reputation for charity is starting to spread equally as fast.

His charity event, Holiday Heroes, sets out to help many in need. Holiday Heroes was started in Bulgaria in 2012 and then brought over to Los Angeles late last year. The first event was a success and Big Mike and his team were ready to take the 2nd Holiday Heroes to the next level.


The event kicked off at 9 am on Friday, April 14. Over 70 volunteers, including Advanced Nutrient’s team members, assembled 2,000 backpacks for men, women, and children. Backpacks contained essential, non-perishable, daily necessities including blankets, washcloths, feminine hygiene products, socks, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, rain poncho, flashlight, toys for children, and more.

“I believe that every company that can afford to start a charity should. I started Holiday Heroes because I saw an unmet need in the community that supported my businesses, so I wanted to help. Oddly enough, there were no charities of this kind in Bulgaria at the time, I so I felt I had a moral obligation to create one and help hungry families,” Straumietis said in a press release.

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