Gelato Canna Co. Hosts Community Giveback to Unhoused San Diego Residents

Gelato Cannabis Co San Diego Community Event
Photos: Gelato Canna Co.

Gelato Canna Co. hosted a community giveback event over the weekend, providing hot meals and other essential items to help alleviate San Diego’s unhoused crisis. A team of Gelato employees including co-owners and father-son team, George and Cody Sadler, set up tables along Imperial Ave. in Downtown San Diego where tents, blankets, socks, Gelato branded water, and personal care kits were distributed to those in need.

“It’s easy to write a check,” said Gelato Chief Executive Officer George Sadler. “I wanted to do something that felt more personal. I want to directly help those in need and provide them with resources they need right now.”


In addition to blankets, tents, and socks, each personal care kit included daily use toiletries like deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, comb, dry shampoo, first aid kit, and bar of soap. Gelato serviced over 400 members of the unhoused community.

“This is something we do at least once a year,” said George Sadler. “During the fires in Northern California we helped firefighters and families that had lost everything. We talk a lot in the industry about how we can help destigmatize cannabis and I can’t think of a better way to push people’s perception forward than to help those in need. If the cannabis industry has anything, it has a heart.”