Let There Be Light 420 Fashion Show Photo Gallery

01-PAX LetThereBeLight PC BFA Sansho Scott
Photo: BFA / Sansho Scott

PAX celebrated 4/20 with a Statue of Liberty look at the “Let There Be Light” fashion show in New York last week. The event was held at the newly opened, experiential House of Cannabis in SoHo, hosted by smokewear and cannabis brand Sundae School.

According to PAX, all looks in the “Let There Be Light” show were made by Sundae School’s all-Korean design team. From the PAX Statue of Liberty and the NYC Marathon runner to the Wall Street trashbag and “Depop link in bio girl,” all of New York’s icons were reimagined to reflect the many experiences, phases, and highs of living in New York City.


Key pieces included the PAX Statue of Liberty wearing a crown of turquoise Pax Eras featuring handmade PAX x Stan Birch collaboration Nike Dunk Low sneakers by FLOU® Customs, “the blunt puffer,” a diagonally quilted long puffer jacket paired with a Broccoli print morph suit, “the construction corset,” and “the Prospect Park Ghillie suit” with real cannabis flowers sewn on for full camouflage. Graphics riffed off iconic elements of NYC street culture from Sabrett stands on Broadway to construction signs in Williamsburg.