The BIG ZEN Giant 4,200,000mg Chocolate Bar Photo Gallery

pouring the world's biggest cannabis-infused chocolate bar

Cannabis edibles brand Zen Cannabis has unveiled “THE BIG ZEN,” which Zen claims is the largest, most potent, dominantly-dosed, and most expensive cannabis chocolate bar ever made.

The bar sits 9 by 4 feet, packing a potency of 4,200,000mg of THC. Creating this chocolate giant took 360 hours with 12 people whipping the megabar up six hours a day. The 420-pound treat took 12 40-gallon vats of Zen’s milk chocolate and over 100 pounds of cannabis flower to make.


“We were already doing big things at Zen–expanding our reach to even more U.S. states and growing bigger and better in Europe,” said Evan Senn, special projects manager at Zen Cannabis. “This record would be a big cherry on top of all that. This project has been so fun to bring to life and with all the exciting things we have coming up as a brand, it’s only fitting that our history includes such a creative and world record-setting accomplishment.”

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