Insync Shop Fittings

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Insync Shop Fittings provide retailers and designers the flexibility to create spaces that are exciting for the shopper, make product exploration fun, and brand engagement more meaningful. Our award-winning solution uses versatile, electrified standards that carry a low-voltage DC current to power a wide range of plug and play accessories that mount directly into the electrified standards, without wires! Built-in LED lights ensure merchandise and displays are evenly lit.

Insync makes it extremely simple to play promotional messages, product information, tutorials, video content, and more by adding IoT solutions like digital screens, endless aisles, and RFID compatibilities; all of which can be mounted anywhere along the vertical standards and powered instantly.


Standards are available in recessed, wall-mount, or floor-to-ceiling options and can be incorporated into existing spaces or designed from scratch. Choose from custom finishes and millwork to create a space that reflects your brand and vision.