Toke ( The complete dispensary management, customer engagement and e-commerce solution. Built for the next generation of independent dispensary operators. 

Toke is custom-designed to meet the complex needs of the cannabis industry, making it easy to stay compliant while growing your business. Regionally compliant services, comprehensive integrations, and best in class customer care for retailers at tiered, affordable rates.


Toke Provides:  

  • Intuitive Point of Sale 
  • Centralized Inventory Management 
  • Data Security 
  • State-specific Regulatory Configurations 
  • Compliance Safeguards 
  • Customer Insights
  • Loyalty & Discounts 
  • Affordable Pricing

Now trusted in Montana. 

“I’ll stand apart from most operators in the cannabis industry because I’d actually recommend our point of sales software. Three and a half years of asking for referrals was mostly met with lackluster reviews and un-enthusiastic shoulder shrugs from my peers. My business limped along with a subpar system before we came in contact with the Toke team and platform.” —Zachary Block, Montana Canna