A Petition to Add Three Emojis Amidst 420 Holiday: Cresco Calling All Cannab*s Supporters

Cresco emojis

CHICAGO — Move over Broccoli and Fire emojis—Cresco Cannabis, one of the largest, bestselling cannabis brands ranked by BDSA, today has launched an online petition calling for three cannabis-themed emojis to be added to phone keyboards. The petition, which is part of the cannabis brand’s 420 cannabis holiday celebration, urges marijuana patients, consumers, advocates and enthusiasts to sign and share it at www.crescocannabis.com.

Current emojis just don’t cut it when people are texting about cannabis. With 93% of the U.S. population having access to legal cannabis and 71% of Americans saying texts are incomplete without emojis in a survey, our phone keyboards need to grow with the times and is the reason for Cresco Cannabis creating a Change.org petition calling for the addition of weed emojis.


“As a community, we are fed up with using broccoli and tree emojis to talk about cannabis in texting,” said Dana Mason, Vice President of Brand & Commercial Marketing at Cresco Labs, one of the largest vertically integrated multistate cannabis operators in the U.S. “As an industry-leading cannabis brand, Cresco is deeply engaged in its mission to normalize responsible cannabis use and believes that consumers should have the right tools to voice their experiences. With cannabis acceptance at an all-time high, it’s time to make our voices heard and demand better representation for emojis that will allow us to fully express ourselves and celebrate all the benefits that this amazing plant has to offer.”

Cresco Cannabis plans to share the broad-reaching support for this petition with Apple and Google after July 10th, also known as 710 (“OIL” referring to THC oil)—the second largest marijuana holiday—with the hope that they will add emojis in their next keyboard update.

About Cresco Cannabis

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