Airfield Supply Company Celebrates 10 Years

Company logo: Airfield Supply Co.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Airfield Supply Company — the vertically-integrated cannabis dispensary which champions that “High Is A Place” — today celebrates its 10th anniversary as a leader in the cannabis industry. Established to serve the medical market as the South Bay Healing Center in 2010 and undergoing a rebrand in 2015, Airfield Supply Co. has grown into one of the highest-volume, single-site recreational cannabis dispensaries in the United States. Serving more than 1,500 consumers daily means that customer focus is Airfield’s core value.

“Since we first opened our doors, our mission has been to create a retail destination that serves and uplifts our community,” said Airfield Supply Company founder and CEO Marc Matulich. “We couldn’t have imagined then that we would go on to serve 2 million medical and recreational consumers. I’m proud and frankly amazed that, of the 1,500 people who walk through Airfield’s doors each day, an estimated 300 are first-time visitors. Every day we’re exposing new people to new possibilities and a better life. That’s very exciting for us.”


Located in the heart of San Jose, California, in close proximity to San Jose International Airport, Airfield has developed its best-in-class reputation over the years due to an attention to detail in all aspects of the cannabis consumer experience. San Jose City Council member Johnny Khamis will offer a commendation to the dispensary for its first decade of business at a gathering Feb. 10, 2020. No other cannabis company in Silicon Valley has received such civic recognition. Assembly member Ash Kalra will also send a commendation from the California State Legislature.

From their innovative, aviation-themed brand and the launch of their craft-cultivated flower brand Jetfuel Cannabis to their commitment to consistently improve the shopping experience by expanding into e-commerce, at-home delivery, in-store express kiosks and customer consultations, Airfield has become a internationally-known destination for those looking to use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons. Recently, Airfield became the first cannabis company to secure a Super Bowl ad in the San Francisco Chronicle, celebrating the role of recreational cannabis use with sports fans by placing a cheer of support to its hometown team last Sunday.

“Having founded Airfield — then known as the South Bay Healing Center — on the pioneering beginnings of medical cannabis access and later driving scale through adult-use legalization and wider consumer adoption, the last 10 years have been an exhilarating adventure,” Matulich said.

“Our mission is to make the most out of life’s journey every day. We are honored to play a role in positively impacting hundreds of thousands of lives through our boutique retail experience — helping our customers enjoy life the way they want to.” Matulich adds, “Looking forward, we will continue to focus on progressing the industry at every level, and work to align popular consumer opinion with federal regulations and practices. We are fortunate to be in a position to lead this industry and we take that responsibility head-on. Look for new initiatives to be announced soon that will bring us further than before as we begin our second decade in business.”


About Airfield Supply Company
Airfield Supply Company is a leading, vertically-integrated, full-service cannabis dispensary. Based in San Jose, California, Airfield combines boutique-style retail experiences with a world-class selection of cannabis flower strains, concentrates, topicals, edibles, and clones. Since its launch in 2010, and with the recent expansion of our in-house product line Jetfuel Cannabis, Airfield strives to provide an experience that excels with quality and professionalism as we work towards our mission of making the most out of life’s journey every day. You can find us online at