Americans for Prosperity Statement on Federal Cannabis Reform


Arlington, Va. —Americans for Prosperity issued the following statement in response to a hearing examining the benefits of federal cannabis decriminalization that took place in the House Oversight Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties on Tuesday.

AFP Senior Policy Analyst Jeremiah Mosteller said:


“Tuesday’s hearing was an exciting step towards finally securing federal cannabis reform that restores state rights. Testimony from witnesses across the political spectrum clearly shows that the benefits of concrete federal cannabis reform are exponential.

“For too long, federal cannabis prohibition has done nothing but distract law enforcement from what should be their main purpose—tackling crimes that impact life, liberty, and property. Arbitrary enforcement of federal policies has ruined countless lives and cost taxpayers billions, while doing nothing to improve public safety, curb cannabis use, or extinguish the black market.

“We urge lawmakers to support Rep. Nancy Mace’s (R-SC) States Reform Act, which would not only remove cannabis from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act and allow states to decide their own marijuana policies, but would also help create a free, competitive, and open cannabis market. There is overwhelming support for marijuana legalization—states should have the opportunity to let their constituents make that choice themselves.”


AFP seeks to reform our outdated cannabis laws as part of its ongoing efforts to improve America’s criminal justice system and ensure maximum public safety. We support the States Reform Act because it will “restore the proper balance of power between states and the federal government” and allow law enforcement to refocus on violent and property crime. AFP is also a founding member of the Cannabis Freedom Alliance.

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