Belushi’s Farm is coming to Oklahoma

STILWELL, Okla.Redbird Bioscience, a licensed medical cannabis operator that produces pharmaceutical-grade products for patients, today announced that the Company has entered into a licensing agreement with legendary performer Jim Belushi and his Oregon-based cannabis company, Belushi’s Farm, to debut its products in Oklahoma.

Products will be available for medical license holders at select Redbird locations across the state starting May 24.


This is the first time Belushi’s Farm’s branded products will be offered in Oklahoma through its collaboration with Redbird.

Blues Brothers Baby Blues: 0.25 gram baby pre-rolls, 6 per pack

Blues Brothers Flip Top and Fly: 0.7 gram pre-rolls, 5 per pack

Blues Brothers Rocket 88: 1 gram pre-roll, 1 per tube

“RedBird and Belushi’s Farm share a similar mission to provide superior cannabis products to patients as well as a compassionate approach to educating and treating patients with alternatives to highly addictive pharmaceuticals,” said Bill Thurman, Redbird Founder.  “RedBird will grow Belushi’s Farm products using RedBird premium, lovingly-crafted flower in Redbird’s most popular strains as well as Jim’s favorite strains.”

“Cannabis is care — a pathway to healing — and we’re excited to work along with Redbird on the quality and consistency we appreciate and they are so skilled at producing,” said Jim Belushi. “They’re passionate farmers with some of the best flower anywhere in the U.S. As our great cannabis community grows, we’re on this ‘Mission from God’ together, and the Redbird spirit rises.”

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RedBird’s distribution arm is one of the only operators in Oklahoma that has the ability to grow, process and distribute RedBird products as well as other processors products. Redbird Bioscience’s specially selected genetics and extensive product line is designed to treat an array of medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and numerous other clinical indications.

About Redbird Bioscience

Redbird Bioscience is a licensed Oklahoma medical marijuana operator with an emphasis on large-scale cultivation and processing as the cornerstone of building out distribution and brands in the legal cannabis industry. The company provides cultivation, extraction and processing to provide pharmaceutical grade cannabis in the state of Oklahoma, which is accessible to patients in neighboring states. For more information, please visit:

About Belushi’s Farm

What began as a meager 48 plants during Oregon’s medical marijuana program in 2015, today Belushi’s Farm encompasses a sprawling and spiritual 93 acres along the Rogue River, playing home to a range of offerings—from Belushi’s Secret Stash, to The Blues Brothers, to Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica (a rare strain from the Hindu Kush region that became known in the ’70s as “The Smell of SNL”), and GROWING BELUSHI on The Discovery Channel. Having suffered the loss of his brother John to an overdose, and his own journey learning and healing through cultivating cannabis, the farm’s proprietor, performer Jim Belushi, is a proponent of the plant’s beneficial properties across a spectrum of uses. From enhancing joy and quality of life, mitigating trauma and managing pain, to a harm reduction approach and rebuttal of the opioid abuse epidemic, Jim advocates for patient rights and adult-use legalization while empowering newcomers to access the profound spiritual and healing powers of quality cannabis. For more information, please visit: