Bioharvest Sciences Now Producing Cannabis Biomass in Large-Scale Industrial Bioreactors Under R&D License

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Israel — BioHarvest Sciences Inc. is now producing Cannabis Biomass in large scale industrial bioreactors, which represents the completion of the Company’s Cannabis R&D program.

On December 8, 2021, BHSC became the first company ever to announce that it could produce Cannabis Biomass without growing the plant itself. Building on that breakthrough, the Company has made significant progress, and has now produced Cannabis in large scale industrial bioreactors, marking the start of the transition to commercial scale manufacturing. To that end, the Company has commenced the process to obtain a production license in Israel for its Cannabis products to complement the R&D license it has used to date for the Cannabis development program.


BioHarvest plans to bring its first Cannabis products to market in 2022 and will be converting the current VINIA® 2 tons/year facility in Rehovot, Israel to produce Cannabis. This is happening in conjunction with the transition of all VINIA ® manufacturing to the new 20 tons/year facility in Yavneh, Israel, which will support the scaling of successful sales of VINIA® in the US and beyond.

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