BLAZE Launches In-Store Shopping Experience and Self-Checkout for Dispensaries

BLAZE in-store shopping

LOS ANGELES — BLAZE® Solutions Inc., a trailblazer in the cannabis retail technology space, is excited to announce their new In-Store Shopping experience. This innovative solution completely reinvents the in-store shopping process. Dispensary customers can easily use their smartphone camera to scan product QR codes, add them to their cart, and prepay independently.

The self-guided mobile shopping experience eliminates lengthy queues and significantly reduces the wait time for customers. This allows retailers to enhance customer satisfaction ultimately increasing sales and reducing the amount of staff needed on the floor.


“The new In-Store Shopping solution is a strategic addition to our e-commerce offering, which already includes a robust website, mobile apps, and kiosks,” said Scott Roehrick, vice president of ecommerce at BLAZE. “This not only enhances the customer shopping experience but also provides retailers with an additional sales channel, thereby aligning with our mission to offer a comprehensive ecommerce solution for cannabis retailers.”

The revolutionary self-checkout experience is ideal for customer-focused dispensaries. It empowers customers to learn about products and make selections at their own pace using their mobile device.  The solution is easy to implement and operate allowing businesses of all sizes to benefit. It seamlessly integrates with the existing BLAZE Retail® platform, ensuring a smooth transition for current users and a straightforward setup for new customers.

BLAZE continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing the cannabis retail landscape by making shopping more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable for customers. With the launch of the new BLAZE ECOM™ In-Store Shopping experience, they once again lead the way in providing innovative solutions for cannabis retailers in the US and Canada.

“In-store shopping changes what is possible for cannabis retailers today,” said BLAZE CEO Chris Violas. “It puts the consumer in the driver’s seat, so they can access all of the same product information that budtenders have. This self-guided experience delivers what consumers expect, a faster, more efficient process – which ultimately moves the needle on customer experience, drives differentiation, and increases growth.”


BLAZE powers the cannabis industry with intuitive technology solutions. Founded in 2015 by technology and cannabis entrepreneurs, the BLAZE software suite provides POS, e-commerce and delivery management services, payments, and analytics to cannabis businesses across North America. BLAZE was recently named Best Retail POS Provider in Canada by KIND Awards and ranked 916 in the 2023 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies.

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