Boon Greenhouse Consultancy Partners With AI Grow

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MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — Boon Greenhouse Consultancy, a long-time provider of agricultural consulting services for major businesses in the horticulture industry, has added automation solutions firm AI Grow to its catalog of service partners. AI Grow is a technology and horticulture company capable of providing a full suite of automation solutions for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) of all types.

Specializing in cannabis and other indoor and greenhouse crops, AI Grow enables farmers to streamline their operations and create more efficient processes. From automating inputs including lights, water, and nutrients to environmental monitoring and controls, AI Grow boosts yields and bottom lines.


The company’s patent-pending Birdhouse sensors continually monitor light, CO2, temperature, VPD, and humidity to always protect crops. Fully customizable fertigation and nutrient dosing allows growers to design their own feeding programs while tracking results throughout the crop life cycle.

AI Grow fully customizes each project according to client needs. Modular control software allows for full scalability, from craft grows to multi-acre cultivation facilities. An easy-to-use touchscreen interface can be managed on-site or remotely for full operational control, 24/7.

“We are beyond thrilled to add AI Grow to our preferred partners list,” said Serge Boon, owner of Boon Greenhouse. “Sometimes the answer is not readily available, and having a team with expert horticulture knowledge that can make a custom solution for you in a quick turnaround is invaluable.”

AI Grow was founded by veteran electrical controls engineers, software developers, and cultivation experts. The company’s vast knowledge of industrial process control automation software and hardware has been applied to multiple industries, but a passion for growing is at the heart of everything they do, making the partnership with Boon Greenhouse Consultancy that much more meaningful.

“Boon Greenhouse Consultancy has an impeccable reputation, and joining the brand’s catalog of service providers is a huge honor,” said Chris Ellis, President and CEO of AI Grow, LLC. “We know Boon only works with top-of-the-line products, and this relationship signifies confidence and trust in what AI Grow has to offer.”

The combined depth of knowledge and experience from the AI and Boon teams will provide consumers with best-in-class service and product offerings that meet their specific needs. For more information, visit their respective websites to schedule a consultation.

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