Cali Heights Unveils ‘The Cali’, 1 Gram Disposable

The Cali disposable vape

LOS ANGELES — Cali Heights is thrilled to announce the release of its latest masterpiece—the California-shaped, 1 gram disposable cannabis vape pen, The Cali. The Cali blends uncompromising cannabis oil, portability, and a touch of California’s charm in every puff.

The Cali is not your ordinary cannabis accessory; it is a captivating work of art, meticulously designed to mirror the topography of the Golden State. Each pen embodies the spirit of California, from its sunny shores to its majestic mountains, delivering an unparalleled sensory journey with every draw.


Key Features and Highlights

California Dreamin’: With its visually stunning California-shaped design, this vape pen offers cannabis enthusiasts a tangible connection to the beauty and wonders of the Golden State. A true testament of the company’s love for California!

Uncompromising Quality: Cali Heights takes pride in using only 100% cannabis oil to ensure a safe vaping experience. Its 1 gram, rechargeable, disposable pen guarantees a smooth and consistent draw, delivering the full flavor and potency of your favorite strains. Launching in 4 signature colors representing Indica, Sativa, Hybrid & Live Resin, Cali Heights has something for everyone!

Ready for Adventure: The Cali is designed with the modern-day explorer in mind. Compact, lightweight, rechargeable and disposable, it fits seamlessly into hands, pockets and purses, making it the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Cali Heights Head of Sales Eric Theise shared, “Our team’s passion for innovation and the love for our home state, California, inspired us to create something truly special. The Cali is a celebration of the unique connection between cannabis and the beauty of our surroundings.”

From seasoned cannabis enthusiasts to newcomers exploring the magic of California, this vape pen is set to captivate consumers and elevate their cannabis experience.

Cali Heights invites cannabis dispensaries, deliveries and consumers alike to join them in celebrating this remarkable addition to the cannabis market. Embrace the California spirit with every puff!

About Cali Heights

Cali Heights is committed to uplifting the cannabis experience through innovation, passion, and authenticity and takes pride in crafting canna-goods that embody the Golden State’s essence and the spirit of exploration. Rooted in the City of Angels and its west coast vibes, Cali Heights’ tenured team of free spirits are all about providing potent, powerful and pure cannabis products at a nice price. They LOVE the place they call home—California, and all the beauty and activities it has to offer. From the sun, palm trees and beaches, to the mountains, deserts and cities, there’s plenty to explore, and Cali Heights will help you make the most of it. Dream Bigger. Play Harder. Go Further. Get a little higher… with Cali Heights!

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