Cannabis legacy brand to take Flyte once again

Cannabis legacy brand to take Flyte once again (CNW Group/Brandolier)


One of Canada’s original cannabis brands, Flyte, is headed back to market this February, under new ownership and with new direction.


The first product, a 2-gram low-profile vaporizer cartridge, will launch in Ontario. Flyte CBG presents 660 mg, 660 mg CBD and 340 mg CBG for an energizing experience. The strain is Ekto Citrus, a nod to the OG fruit strains of the brand’s legacy heyday. Unlike other cartridges that are over 1 gram, the Flyte CBG 2-gram mates and functions with most reputable pen-style batteries.

“Of course, more powerful batteries will deliver a more powerful experience,” says Darren Darcy – the brand and product partner at Village Supply, the group bringing the Flyte brand back to market. “But, we wanted to offer a sleek and subtle cartridge that, for its 2-gram size, is more discreet than what’s out there.”

The Village Supply partners are also behind Hycycle vapes, Hyroller pre-rolls, Buddy Homburg Modern Infused Cannagars, and Transit High-Potency Alleviating Oil.

“This product will be the first or, at least, among the first, 2-gram cartridges in Canada,” says Zane Yassein, one of the partners and driver of the sales function. “It took some time, but we made certain that we nailed the quality check-boxes for product, hardware, and manufacturing.” Flyte CBG will be produced by Motif Labs in Aylmer, ON. “Taking the time to get this right will make my life easier. Maybe,” he jokes.

“We like to call our CO2-extracted CBG oil ‘Real CBG’ as it comes from the actual cannabis sativa plant,” Darcy continues, referencing the synthesized cannabinoid present in CBG products from at least one other Canadian brand. “The nerd in me finds yeast-derived CBG interesting, but I just can’t get behind it.”

The group is also launching a line of infused pre-rolls under the Flyte brand called Joysticks. As with the cartridge, the terpene profile of the first offering will be Ekto Citrus, with others to follow.

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