CannMenus Finalizes Acquisition of Nugget Data

CannMenus officers
Co-founder CEO of CannMenus Vib Gupta (left) and Darcy McQuaid, former CEO of Nugget and the newly appointed CRO of CannMenus

CHICAGO — CannMenus, a Chicago-based cannabis retail analytics firm, and Nugget, a Canadian cannabis insights leader, have joined forces to further their goal of reshaping the way businesses and consumers interact with cannabis data. The merger consolidates two players within the canna-tech space to create an unparalleled source of retail insights covering over 90% of all licensed dispensaries across the U.S. and Canada.

“In the highly competitive arena of legal cannabis, the ability to make data-informed decisions remains critical to success. Our core vision has always been to enable businesses and consumers alike to harness the power of real-time data. This merger brings us one step closer to achieving that goal on a widespread scale,” states Vib Gupta, CannMenus’ Co-Founder and CEO.


It’s this vision that spurred the creation of the CannMenus consumer product search interface as well as their robust BI SaaS platform that affords industry operators up-to-the-minute market analytics – a far cry from next-day or next month insights provided by legacy data firms within the industry.

Darcy McQuaid, former CEO of Nugget and the newly appointed CRO of CannMenus, expressed, “Through this merger, we’re harnessing the best from both management teams, unlocking sustained cost efficiencies, and driving long-term growth. I want to extend my appreciation to our dedicated employees, steadfast investors, and our valued clients – whose trust and support have paved the way for this significant milestone.”

CannMenus is also pleased to welcome David Schachter as the new Chief Strategy Officer of the company. David brings extensive startup and cannabis industry expertise, having previously served as the Head of Sales and Business Development for Sprout CRM (Acquired by Weedmaps).

About CannMenus

CannMenus, founded by seasoned software engineers Vibhav Gupta, Jonathon Carlyon, and David Adams, offers a powerful suite of tools that allows industry players to monitor retail sales, bolster inventory management, prospect for new accounts, and explore market-level trends to inform operational strategies. With up-to-the-minute insights, it’s the only same-day business intelligence platform with widespread coverage across every legal U.S. and Canadian territory currently available within the cannabis space. also offers a comprehensive universal dispensary menu search engine for cannabis products, offering consumers a seamless way to explore and compare offerings from various e-commerce providers. Dubbed “ for cannabis,” CannMenus simplifies the search process, catering to those looking to make informed purchasing decisions quickly and effortlessly.

About Nugget

Nugget Data is a cannabis technology platform founded by industry veterans Darcy McQuaid, Mackenzie Ferguson, Jake Crow, and Dylan Carter. The platform offers retailers and brands powerful tools to stay ahead of the competition. Nugget empowers clients to make informed decisions based on market trends with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive insights.

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