Chicago Latina Cannabis Brand Launches on International Women’s Day

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CHICAGO — On International Women’s Day, Canna Bella Lux (, a luxury women’s brand owned by Latina Tiffany Woodman, proudly announces its portfolio expansion as the first Latina-owned brand in the Illinois legal cannabis market.

Currently, Canna Bella Lux offers an extensive line of luxury items for women like pre-roll cones, rolling trays, vaporizer batteries, and other cannabis-related merchandise. However, until now, the company did not have any plant products in its portfolio. This new line of cannabis products will include pre-rolls, flower, infused teas, edibles and more, all curated for women’s health needs and wellness.


Canna Bella Lux solidified a partnership with The 1937 Group, the first minority-owned, vertically-integrated cannabis company in Illinois, to provide all aspects of plant-touching services, including obtaining raw materials, manufacturing and processing, and distribution through the licensed cannabis transportation company Highwaymen Security. Furthermore, The 1937 Group has secured a supply agreement with a local woman-owned cannabis company, Bedford Grow, to cultivate exclusive, strain-specific luxury cannabis flower focused on terpenes and relief.

Tiffany Woodman, the owner and CEO of Canna Bella Lux, is excited to share this product line with women who deserve a brand that resonates with them, focused entirely on women’s health along with her signature femme aesthetics. “The goal is that women will be able to have their Canna Bella products on the shelf, on the go, and whenever they need relief with fashion and function.”

Woodman was looking for a partner that could provide the highest quality products and services, while also having the same shared ethos and passion for social equity and creating generational wealth. She found that with The 1937 Group. Ambrose Jackson, CEO of The 1937 Group, expressed his pride in helping launch one of the nation’s first Latina woman-owned cannabis brands. He said, “This is a true testament to our focus on increasing equity and inclusion in the space. The fact that we could launch this woman-owned, woman-focused brand on International Women’s Day makes it even more beautiful.”


Canna Bella Lux started in 2019 when Tiffany Woodman saw the need for a physical space where women interested in cannabis accessories could shop and connect. With a focus on women, wellness, and wisdom, Canna Bella Lux is committed to cultivating their W.E.E.D see you (Women, Experiences, Education, Diversity) mission and helping others grow on a national level, connecting them personally and/or professionally through their blog, retail, events, lifestyle, and community. Canna Bella Lux was voted Chicago’s Reader’s Best Cannabis Accessories Boutique in 2022.

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The 1937 Group is the first minority-owned, vertically-integrated cannabis company based in Chicago, and is committed to creating opportunities for others whose voices often get overlooked. The name “The 1937 Group” is inspired by the Marihuana Act of 1937, which fueled racial discrimination against Mexican-Americans and Blacks, and widespread imprisonment for what is now a legal activity in the majority of the United States.

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