Deep Roots Harvest Partners with Escape Artists to Bring Innovative THC-Infused Topicals to Nevada Consumers



Deep Roots Harvest, one of Nevada’s most-experienced producers and distributors of high-quality cannabis, announced today it has partnered with Colorado-based Escape Artists to bring the company’s innovative THC-infused topicals to Nevada consumers. The award-winning line of THC+CBD dermal topical lotions are available now at all Deep Roots Harvest locations in a variety of formulations.


“Escape Artists has created the most effective and most relied-upon topicals available, and their THC-infused lotions have established huge followings in Colorado and Michigan,” said Jon Marshall, COO of Deep Roots Harvest. “We have many customers that are already familiar with Escape Artists products who are so excited about their availability here in Nevada, and cannot wait to introduce them to the rest of the state.”

Escape Artists’ pharmaceutical-grade, water soluble creams are formulated with carefully selected ingredients and ultra-bioavailable cannabis extracts that enhance dermal penetration at the cellular level, providing cannabinoid-based relief in minutes. Escape Artists THC Relief Cream (2 ounces) is now available in Nevada in the following SKUs for recreational sale:

1:1 CBD to THC

800mg CBD / 800mg THC (with Rose and Bergamot)

300mg CBD / 300mg THC (with Lavender)

300mg CBD / 300mg THC (Unscented)

20:1 CBD to THC

800mg CBD / 40mg THC (with Lavender)

800mg CBD / 40mg THC (with Menthol)

“We are working to bring our premium, highly effective Relief Cream to athletes, active individuals, and anyone who suffers from temporary, chronic or occupational pain and wants a viable alternative to what’s currently in the medicine cabinet,” said Alison Di Spaltro, CEO of Escape Artists. “We have daily requests for our products from all over the country and we are thrilled to work with Deep Roots Harvest to serve new customers looking for daily relief in Nevada.”

The company’s popular Relief Cream contains penetration-enhancing ingredients and features a smooth, luxurious feel. Available in a variety of THC:CBD ratios, Escape Artists’ Relief Cream is ideal for longtime athletes, weekend warriors or individuals looking for targeted relief. Escape Artists was founded by scientists from the food and pharmaceutical industries to bring new technologies and formulations to the medical and retail cannabis marketplace.

About Deep Roots Harvest

With decades of experience from a team with a true passion for the plant, Deep Roots Harvest has been cultivating, processing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality cannabis products in Nevada since 2015. Utilizing one of the largest cultivation facilities in the nation, premium extraction processes and a focus on natural and sustainable ingredients, Deep Roots creates premium strains and products distributed at a wide variety of retailers, including a growing list of Deep Roots Harvest locations across Nevada. For more information, visit Continue the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

About Escape Artists

Escape Artists specializes in cannabis-infused products for everyday wellness and self-care. Using proven methodologies from the pharmaceutical and food science sectors, Escape Artists develops game-changing cannabinoid delivery models including topicals, premium infused pre-rolls, fast-acting edibles, and highly bioavailable tinctures. Founded in 2017, the women-led company is one of the most widely distributed cannabis brands in Colorado and a category sales leader that is now expanding to markets across the United States. Escape To Now: