Global Consortium, Inc. to Launch Indulge Oils Mobile App

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Global Consortium, Inc., (OTCPINK: GCGX) brand Indulge Oils is pleased to announce its Mobile App will be launched shortly. The App will help users of Indulge Oils stay connected and learn about new product offerings.

Users who purchase Indulge Oils carts and batteries will receive a lifetime warranty on their battery. If something should go wrong with their battery they can send it back for a new battery. This will all be tracked via the App.


The App will assist Indulge Oils with learning information about its clients that can be helpful with future launches of Indulge products. This information will also assist Indulge in monetizing the App.

Indulge Oils has been notified by its manufacturer, they currently have capacity to produce 8 liters of Indulge Oils per day. With this amount of raw crude Indulge Oils will be able to move into other products such as: Edibles, Tablets, and Carts and Specialty Carts.

The App was part of the assets purchased in 2018. The App is built and functioning, once some graphic updates are completed the App will launch.

The App will initially be available on

About Global Consortium, Inc.
Global Consortium, Inc., owns the brand Indulge Oils which is being manufactured and sold in California.Global Consortium, Inc., in compliance with SEC regulations, may in the future use social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter and its own website to announce key information in compliance with Reg. FD.

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