Green Mill Supercritical Announces Certification of CO₂ Extraction Equipment

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PITTSBURGH – Green Mill Supercritical (GMS) announced that its utilization of Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) will greatly accelerate the certification process for Green Mill’s supercritical CO₂ extraction machines in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The nationwide scope of compliance means buyers of Green Mill equipment are ensured to meet critical fire and safety code compliance in every U.S. state.

“Extraction companies need assurance they will be able to execute and start operating quickly,” said Wes Reynolds, CEO of Green Mill Supercritical. “Ensuring your equipment meets every fire and safety standard can be a slow, time-consuming process. By contracting with PSI, Green Mill Supercritical eliminates the worry of inspection, allowing extractors to get up and running as swiftly as possible, and even move machines easily from a site in one state to another, something important for multi-state operators.”


The combination of PSI and Green Mill Supercritical means that no matter where in the United States an extraction business is located, its CO₂ extraction equipment meets national fire code requirements (IFC and NFPA). GMS’ SFE Pro extraction equipment has been reviewed by PSI with a Technical Report covering the entire country. Once a GMS

system is installed, a call to PSI starts the Field Verification process. Processors, employees and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) save time and eliminate uncertainty with Green Mill Supercritical CO₂ botanical extraction equipment.

Pre-approval of equipment through PSI is a tremendous aid for fire and safety inspectors, helping to quickly expedite the inspection process. The company’s cannabis engineering consultants possess more than 170 combined years of industrial experience and have performed more than 2,200 extraction-related consultations.

“We understand the challenges extraction businesses face. This drives a lot of the decisions we make to develop equipment that makes extraction labs more efficient, more productive and more versatile,” Reynolds said. “This begins by making it easier for processors to launch production with new machinery, or smoothly send existing machinery across state lines to other facilities. In today’s rapidly growing market, this can be a crucial success factor for both small craft manufacturers and large multi-state operators.”

The news of Green Mill’s 50-state accelerated certification process follows a series of announcements solidifying the company’s status as the industry’s most innovative CO₂ extraction machine manufacturer. After bringing on industry visionary Jesse Turner to lead the company’s research and development efforts, the company announced a ground-breaking new extraction method, Real-time Winterization, which redefines the economics of CO₂ extraction. Last fall, the company released the Parallel Pro, which doubles throughput without forfeiting the efficiency, control and precision required to produce the highest-quality oils.

About Green Mill Supercritical
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