Keurig Founder Peter Dragone Joins Convenient Cannabis LLC as Equity Partner

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Peter Dragone brings years of experience to Convenient Cannabis LLC. Acting as a CFO for a number of start-ups in industries ranging from CPG, Health and Wellness, and SaaS, Peter’s prior experience is that of a serial entrepreneur, managing various start-up and turnaround projects. He is co-founder of Keurig, Inc., now the multi-billion dollar Keurig/Green Mountain Inc. Peter has been granted two patents for Beverage Filter Cartridges. Before starting Keurig, Peter was a senior financial/operational manager for Chiquita Brands International. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MA (in Spanish) from Middlebury College and a BA from Colby College.

It was in 2004 that Keurig launched its K-cups for home market, and today single-use coffee pods are the second most popular way to brew coffee at home after traditional drip, with 26% of coffee drinkers reporting that they own some brand of coffee pod brewer.  50% of owners have an income over $50,000.  Convenient Cannabis’s Puffsy™ is targeting a similar hardworking, upscale consumer demographic who enjoy convenience and quality.


What Keurig and K-cups did in the coffee industry, Puffsy™ pods are poised to do in the marijuana industry.  Containing 0.5 grams of high quality flower, pre-ground, pre-measured, affordably-priced, and packaged in recyclable single-serve glass pods meaning no pipes or bongs to clean – patented Puffsy pods are the ideal bridge product for novice canna-curious consumers entering the market and a unique way for cannabis brands to distinguish themselves among the competition.

Flower reigns as the #1 method of cannabis consumption in the United States, as both loose nugs and pre-rolls.  But for first-time smokers, the process can be intimidating, their joint rolling skills definitely lacking, and correct dosage worrisome.  Puffsy makes the entire process simple and seamless – just peel the foil off the glass pod, place it in the Puffsy pipe or Puffsy bong attachment, and light.

“Puffsy is the first-ever single serve cannabis pod that will redefine convenience and change the way people consume marijuana,” said Zechariah Corcimiglia, Convenient Cannabis Founder & CEO.  “As a white label opportunity, Puffsy can be a powerful sales and marketing tool for any cannabis brand looking to stand out in the highly competitive marijuana industry.”

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