Little Dragon Dabs Spotlights Safe Cannabis Use with Clean Solventless Concentrates

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LONG BEACH, Calif. — Little Dragon Dabs, a delivery-only cannabis dispensary startup, is an outspoken proponent of solvent-free concentrates. This classification of cannabis extracts is made without the use of agents like butane, ethanol, or CO2 during the extraction process and relies on mechanical methods like heat, pressure, or agitation, resulting in a pure & potent product. Little Dragon is committed to promoting the manufacture and consumption of the safest, cleanest cannabis by educating users about purer alternatives.

As this direct-to-consumer brand gears up for its California launch, it is offering shares during its IPO via the TruCrowd equity crowdfunding portal. Little Dragon Dabs caters to dabbers, an emerging market predominantly consisting of Millennial and Gen-Z users who demand high-quality products made with safe, reliable manufacturing methods.


Deeply committed to innovation and connecting consumers with cannabis in its purest form, Little Dragon Dabs caters to high-tolerance users seeking a superior smoking experience beyond traditional flower products.

“We want to preserve a ‘closer-to-the-plant’ experience for dabbers, which is often lost by concentrates made with processes involving harsh chemicals. As a company, we will solely offer solvent-free extracts to ensure only the purest dabs are delivered to your door,” states CEO Ross Franklin.

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Little Dragon is a delivery-only dispensary in the cannabis concentrate space that specifically caters to discerning dabbers. The company’s proprietary mobile app offers an AI-powered strain selection tool for a uniquely personalized and convenient purchasing experience of solvent-free concentrates. The trailblazers behind Little Dragon, Ross Franklin and Rachel Figueras, are California natives with a decade’s experience in the cannabis industry. Their journey began with the co-invention of a process to convert cannabis oils into water-soluble powder, a project they undertook with renowned cannabis pioneer Ed Rosenthal.

Following this, they secured seven additional USPTO-approved patents to enhance their technology – Franklin, Figueras, and Rosenthal are among the first to secure cannabis patents. Their innovative product, Stardust by Ed Rosenthal™, was sold in over 100 California dispensaries before being acquired by a publicly traded company. Little Dragon Dabs is dedicated to promoting responsible consumption, supporting cannabis education, and advocating for the growth and acceptance of cannabis culture. To learn more, visit