Majority of Americans Say Growing Weed at Home Should Be Legal

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NEW YORK — As the United States enters the height of election season, a new national survey shows that legislative cannabis policy diverges from public sentiment when it comes to the reported emotional health, safety and economic benefits of allowing home cannabis cultivation.

The 2024 survey of Americans 21 and older conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Royal Queen Seeds (RQS), one of the world’s largest and most trusted cannabis seed banks, shows that 59% of respondents agree that all Americans should have the right to legally grow cannabis at home.


The study also shows:

  • 81% of cannabis consumers agree all Americans should have the right to grow at home
  • 62% of cannabis consumers would rather grow their own cannabis than buy it
  • 34% of cannabis consumers who have grown at home do so because they feel safer consuming their own home-grown flower compared to store-bought cannabis

Findings suggest that home cultivation is as key to successful cannabis legalization legislation as regulated sales or record expungement.

The nationally representative study, conducted in February 2024, surveyed more than 2,000 adults ages 21 and older, among whom 713 are cannabis consumers. Survey participants shared their thoughts on cannabis home grow laws as well as habits and purchasing patterns tied to 4/20, the largest cannabis sales day of the year. The results indicate continued normalization of cannabis in the U.S.

4/20 Shopping

  • 37% of Americans (21+) agree that they would consider buying cannabis seeds as a gift for someone on 4/20
  • 66% of cannabis consumers agree that they would consider buying cannabis seeds as a gift for someone on 4/20
  • 81% of cannabis consumers who plan on growing this year agree that they plan to buy cannabis seeds on 4/20 for themselves

Benefits of Home-Grown Cannabis

It is no wonder Americans believe that growing cannabis at home should be legal—more than 40% of American households already cultivate their food. Why would they not be allowed to grow their cannabis in a home garden, especially when, according to the survey, cannabis consumers who have grown at home are reaping a multitude of tangible benefits from it:

  • 49% say doing so gives them a sense of confidence; 48% a sense of joy; 46% a sense of pride; 35% a sense of ease; 44% a connectedness with nature or Earth
  • 47% say they do so because it is fun
  • 43% said it is more cost-effective than buying cannabis flower in a store
  • 39% said the quality of the flower is better compared to store-bought

Habits of a Home Grower

The survey also polled cannabis consumers on an array of cultivation topics:

  • 26% of cannabis consumers have grown at home
  • 21% who have not grown at home would like to try
  • 56% of cannabis consumers who have grown cannabis at home admit to singing or playing music for their cannabis plants
  • 22% plan on growing at home in Spring (March-May); 18% in Summer (June-August)
  • 61% who plan to grow cannabis at home this year say they will grow cannabis from seeds; 21% from clones or seedlings
  • 44% who plan to grow cannabis at home this year say they will grow indoors; 33% outdoors

“All adults should be allowed to grow their own cannabis alongside their fruits and vegetables, if they so choose, without the fear of financial or criminal penalties,” said Shai Ramsahai, President of Royal Queen Seeds. “There are many reasons people enjoy growing at home, from cost savings and knowing how their plants were grown, to just plain old having fun. Royal Queen Seeds is here to champion them through their journey, whatever their reason, with more than 100 seed strains, including F1 hybrids, and one of the largest catalogs of best practices for home cultivation.”

Survey Method

This survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of Royal Queen Seeds from February 15-20, 2024, among 2,024 adults ages 21 and older, among whom 713 consume cannabis (i.e., cannabis consumers). Margin of error: Within +/- 2.5 percentage points using a 95% confidence level.

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