Naturae Launches Jumbodose: Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil Tinctures


HOOSICK FALLS, NY — Premier vertically integrated cannabis company

Naturae is expanding their brand and product portfolio with the launch of


Jumbodose, a line of full-spectrum cannabis oil tinctures. The Jumbodose tinctures are available

in four different varieties, each formulated to induce distinct cognitive effects. The new brand, available in licensed dispensaries across the state, is now one of the few cannabis tinctures available in the New York licensed adult-use market and is setting

the bar for consumer value with both its price points and quality.

The debut of Jumbodose follows the success of Naturae’s top-selling vape brand,

Jaunty, and their April 2023 launch of Jaunty THC Gummies. Naturae produces each of their house brands in

a state-of-the-art Hoosick Falls, NY facility, utilizing CO2-extracted cannabis oil, considered by many to be the ‘gold standard’ of cannabis extraction methods. As a GMP-certified 100% New York company working in cannabis/hemp extraction since 2017, Naturae

is the largest producer of CO2-extracted cannabis oils in the state.


The full-spectrum cannabis oil tinctures offer several different levels of activations, catering to different desired experiences.

Jumobose Varieties include:

– Chill: Made for consumers who want to relax, soothe nerves, and feel relief. (300 mg of THC and 1500 mg of CBD)

– Focus: Create, motivate, and inspire with this activation. (300 mg of THC and 1500 mg of CBG)

– Doze: Fall asleep, rest, and unwind after a long day. (300 mg of THC and 1500 mg of CBN)

– Mega:

Made with Delta-9-THC (1000 mg THC)

Formulated for day or nighttime use and featuring a 1:5 ratio of THC and CBD, CBG, or CBN, the latter being a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s known to have mild sedative qualities when combined

with THC. The Jumbodose tinctures can be consumed orally by placing drops under your tongue or added to food or drink.


At a shelf price of $60 USD (1 FL OZ/ 30 ml) for the Chill, Focus, and Doze formulations, and the Megadose sold at $110, Jumbodose is following in the footsteps of its other Naturae

brands- Jaunty Vapes, and Jaunty gummies, by providing New York grown cannabis at an affordable price.


Licensed cannabis dispensaries carrying

Jumbodose will include, but are not limited to:

Housing Works Cannabis Co.

Union Square Travel Agency


Good Grades

Upstate Canna Co.

Legacy Dispensers

“We’re thrilled to expand our cannabis product portfolio once again by offering Jumbodose to all adult-use consumers in New York state. Our full-spectrum cannabis oil tinctures offer a multitude of benefits that can appeal to customers across the board,” said

Nicolas Guarino, CEO of Naturae. “At Naturae, we pride ourselves in producing premium products that are sold at a reasonable price point for all to enjoy.”

For more information on

Jumbodose, its products, and where to find them, visit For more information on Naturae, visit

About Naturae

As a GMP-certified 100% New York company working in cannabis/hemp extraction since 2017, Naturae

is the largest producer of CO2-extracted cannabis oils in the state and is one of New York’s leading companies licensed for all adult-use cannabis supply chain activities outside of retail, including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and distribution.

Their house brand, Jaunty, is New York’s number-one-selling cannabis vape brand, available in all of the state’s licensed dispensaries, and the only brand to use CO2-extracted cannabis oil in all its products.