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ROXBORO, N.C. – Driven to help people be their best naturally through the unique properties of cannabinoids, Open Book Extracts (OBX) has partnered with Volunteer Botanicals to develop a new line of innovative consumer products. The new product line will utilize the increased performance of OBX’s pure rare cannabinoids in Volunteer Botanicals’ Lipid Neutralization System in solid oral dose applications such as instant release, oral dissolving, and effervescent tablets.

On Thursday September 10th, Nicole Brown, OBX Chief Commercial Officer, and Jason Pickle, Volunteer Botanicals’ Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer, will co-host a webinar where they will share further details on the forthcoming product line. To register for the webinar, visit the following link:


Combining OBX’s extensive expertise in the production, commercialization, and global distribution of rare cannabinoid ingredients with Volunteer Botanicals’ proficiency in cutting-edge cannabinoid technologies, the two companies will produce a collection of high-quality, rare cannabinoid products that will meet global health and safety standards and appeal to large-scale nutraceutical and consumer markets.

“We are excited to partner with Volunteer Botanicals, known for enabling product developers to create customized products that meet precise standards of consistency, potency, measurability and reliability,” said Dave Neundorfer, CEO of OBX. “This partnership couples OBX’s pure, high-quality, rare cannabinoid ingredients with Volunteer Botanicals’ sophisticated manufacturing technology, allowing us to provide new and proven products to consumers across the globe.”

Volunteer Botanicals’ Lipid Neutralization System creates ‘flowable’ powder cannabinoids, supporting the combination of different rare cannabinoids into precise formulations geared toward specific needs. For example, OBX and Volunteer Botanicals will develop a 1:1 formulation of CBN and CBD in a single-dose oral dissolving tablet, a product which may aid those who suffer from troubled sleep or sleep disorders. OBX and Volunteer Botanicals will also offer a 50mg Immunity Blend + THC-Free Broad Spectrum instant release tablet, featuring OBX’s THC-Free Broad Spectrum distillate with a blend of terpenes as a “first line of defense” for immunity support.

Customers will further benefit from the combined expertise of teams at OBX and Volunteer Botanicals, who together support the entire product development life cycle from ingredient sourcing to concept development to finished goods formulation. The team includes Volunteer Botanicals’ formulation and manufacturing experts and OBX’s industry-leading authorities on all aspects of cannabinoid production, innovation, and commercialization.

“Safety, reliability, and consistency are essential to any product innovations we develop, and Open Book Extracts’ quality standards have far exceeded what we’ve seen in the market to date,” said Derek Odette, CEO of Volunteer Botanicals. “The collaboration between Volunteer Botanicals and OBX will offer trailblazing product advancements to create the safest and most effective consumer products, and make them widely available through OBX’s extensive global distribution network.”

If your company is interested in learning more about the product offerings, please contact [email protected]. Open Book Extracts and Volunteer Botanicals are currently taking preorders.

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