Phinest Cannabis Selected as 2023 Nursery Partner for The Grow-Off

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Phinest Cannabis alongside Dubplatez will be the official California competition clone provider for The 2023 Grow-Off, taking place throughout the state. The Grow-Off is the ONLY national cannabis growing competition where small farms, big operations, and home growers have an equal chance to be deemed the best grower.


The Grow-Off launched in 2016 stating that “it’s not what you grow but how you grow it”. The concept was founded on the belief that instead of the hottest strain winning every year, they give the participants identical pathogen-free mystery cuts to grow. Winners will be announced at the Mega Awards in Q1 of 2024. SCLabs will share the results, awarding the top three growers in Total Terpenes and Total Cannabinoids.

Samantha Taylor, Founder of The Grow-Off states that “this competition is the only science-based cannabis competition that allows farms of all shapes and sizes to compete on an even playing field. This isn’t a beauty contest. This isn’t pay-to-play. This is the ultimate test of cultivation skills.” She also states, “We’re thrilled to be working with Phinest. Phinest Nursery and Distribution have allowed us to move swiftly across several regions in the big state of California.” Once participants are signed up to be involved in this year’s competition, the mystery cultivar can be found at participating grow-off retail locations.

About Phinest Cannabis

Since 2018, Phinest Cannabis’ mission is to marry superior genetics from elite breeders with cutting-edge science and technology in order to deliver disease-free clones with strong market demand. Phinest has produced millions of cannabis clones and opened the largest cannabis tissue culture nursery in North America, capable of producing 18 million plants per year. For more information, visit

About Dubplatez

Dubplatez is a breeder-centric hub of new cannabis clone genetics, carefully propagated in small batches and available only to select, hand-picked California growers. For more information visit