seven9 Reimagines Social Cannabis Traditions for Modern Consumers With OOKA’s Luxury-Lifestyle Inhalation Ecosystem

OOKA x seven9

LOS ANGELES — OOKA, a lifestyle and technology-forward inhalation-device company, today officially introduces a first-of-its-kind consumption ecosystem, the OOKA Sense Station. seven9’s premium cannabis pods, compatible for use with this revolutionary device, marks the first of many efforts between the synergistic brands, focused on modernizing social consumption traditions through cleaner, smoother methods of inhalation.

“We started OOKA with the idea to design one device that offers a clean, adaptable experience to an age-old ritual—but what our friends at seven9 created ended up being so much more,” said Paul Dawson, OOKA’s Chief Product Officer. “Together, OOKA and seven9 pods represent a breakthrough in social, sessionable cannabis consumption.”


Dawson built the OOKA using two decades of experience leading global product development of air purification systems for Dyson consumer products. The result is a luxury, multi-user consumption device combined with a unique mouthpiece and hose that nostalgically mimics traditional, shareable consumption rituals. Backed by four years of research and millions of dollars in development, OOKA is engineered with innovative technologies that offer consumers a more pure inhalation process than common vape hardware.

Where most vaporizers on the market use heating technologies based on an e-liquid that passes through a wick or ceramic—a process that can often cause clogging or heat degradation—the OOKA device is based on controlled heating of a solid mass, such as cannabis flower or other dried botanicals. Specifically designed for the OOKA, each seven9 pod contains a microchip that transfers product-specific data to the device, enabling it with a pre-programmed temperature activation for each draw. This process not only creates an unparalleled level of consistency for everyone partaking, but it provides a streamlined, easy-to-operate inhalation experience.

“We believe OOKA’s and seven9’s take on socially-focused cannabis experiences is unlike any other, and perfectly matched with our mission to provide a broad spectrum of curated, modern inhalation experiences to consumers,” said Robert Sindelar, Chief Product Officer of seven9. “While so much of the cannabis industry is fixated on big hits, seven9 utilizing OOKA’s amazing technology is focused on providing a shared cannabis experience—something that celebrates consumption and its universal ability to bring people together.”

Sindelar, a product development expert and botanical scientist, led the formulation of the seven9 products, blending premium cannabis flower into effects-based pods like Get Zen, No Worries, Just Vibe, Happy Hour and Zone In. Each pod is designed for an hour session, up to four people and can be paused and returned to at a later time. With a focus on collective enjoyment, the recyclable pods are designed for ease of use and intuitive dosing, with flavorful and complementary ingredients.

OOKA is now available for purchase online, and at select retail partners in California. Californians also have access to seven9’s debut line of cannabis pods through seven9’s direct-to-consumer site, which also carries tea-based pods, with plans to expand into more verticals including CBD in the near future.

About OOKA

OOKA is a lifestyle-forward technology ecosystem perfectly suited for social consumption of non-intoxicating herbal blends, cannabis and other products. Designed by a former lead engineer for Dyson’s best-in-class household tech products, OOKA represents a new way to consume inhalable products from the brand seven9, as well as future brand partners. seven9 produces blended pods for a sophisticated, intuitive experience unlike any other. Learn more:

About seven9

seven9 is an innovative inhalable consumption brand designed for group sessions that are a tech-savvy take on the classic puff-puff pass. seven9 pods combine flavorful and complementary ingredients with top-quality cannabis that can be mixed and matched to curate the ideal vibe for any social occasion. Designed for the OOKA system—seven9 pods are designed for ease of use and cleanup, intuitive dosing, and the creation of shared memories.